Drop Your Email

If I ever write again and you will like to join me on my journey, drop your email in the comment box and I will add you to my mailing list and inform you if it happens. Since I have received quite a number of emails, messages via whatsapp and FB protesting about my closing of blog, give me a show of your support.

I will start on a new project should I receive 100 email addresses from 100 individual supporters. We'll see how many years this takes us. Till then, take care.

26/5/2017 : 30 emails received
28/5/2017 : 42 emails received
29/05/2017: 51 emails received
10/6/2017: 76 emails received


  1. Love your blog as a fellow Singaporean in Perth...do continue writing sometimes...maybe once a month? All the best!

  2. Pls write soon.miss your ramblings:-)

  3. Have followed your blog for many years and will miss your writing.