Eugenics Bullshit

The 1st of January just passed, not the 1st of April. Too early for April Fool's jokes. 

The man once said, “Taiwanese are scoundrels, but lovable, Hong Kong people are craftier, (Chinese mainlanders are unfathomable) and Singaporeans are stupider. The original migrants who came here from China were of “poor stock”.”

I know many Singaporeans will lap up his words like gospels, including this eugenics bullshit. Obviously not me. For a start, when I looked at Lee Hsien Loong, the offspring of a highly intelligent couple, born with silver spoon with unlimited resources for grooming. What happened? A daily April Fool's joke that Singaporeans are beginning to stop laughing to. Eugenics? Obviously it doesn't work that way, unless you can explain why a salesman and a housewife educated in arts and music can produce a renowned genius called Albert Einstein. 

As somebody who did not do well in school, I felt indignant whenever I hear somebody equate intelligence with academic excellence. If I were to believe in those lies, I would grow up to believe I was stupid. When a child believes he is stupid, it leaves a permanent blow to his self esteem that will impair his chances of fulfilling his true potentials later in life. Remember, even Jesus Christ was a late bloomer who worked as a carpenter into his 30s. If he was born under PAP's reign, he would be condemned, sent to the ITE to learn carpentry and assigned to lead foreign workers instead of going on to become the most famous person that ever lived in history without even writing a single book in an attempt to leave a legacy, like somebody.

Lee Kuan Yew's ideas are deeply entrenched in the Singapore system. All our leadership positions today are being held by ex-scholars, people who achieved academic excellence and assumed to be intelligent. These 3rd-4th generations of PAP leaders have been proving this assumption wrong time and again over the last 10 years with mind boggling mistakes even common people with "average intelligence" wouldn't make. To make it worse, they didn't even have the humility to admit their mistakes and chose to push the blame or sweep the dirt under the carpet. Was that an esteem issue, because people who are told they are intelligent all their lives simply hate being told they are wrong? As a result, they end up looking even more stupid, no lessons are learnt and mistakes are doomed to be repeated.

So new immigrants are highly educated and therefore, produces intelligent immigrant children who will end up as scholarships winners. Are we putting these children in future leadership positions then? I can't wait to hear the reactions of future PAP leaders being replaced by immigrant children. What goes around comes around. The law of karma sounds more reliable than eugenics, if you ask me.


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  2. He is human and he will also get it wrong, most likely all the time if not for some wiser people around him. If the genes theory goes his way, all blue bloods should have very high IQ. I think he just likes to make locals feel stupid.

  3. From the caption on the screenshot, it looks like a sweeping statement which is unfair.
    Does he mean (to summarise):
    FT = Foreign Talent
    LT = Local Trash

  4. Hi Nix

    Since I not very current with SG news lately, just a quick question:
    Is that screenshot of LKY recent and it that what he said recently?