He Writes Again

Actually I didn't die.

Or maybe I did and didn't realise it. In any case, I wouldn't be the first undead from Singapore, since there is already a famous 90-year-old species.

Undead or not, there were fingers left to type stuff and they did. You would have found out by now if you happened to visit the site these couple of days. I wouldn't if I were you. If the site I visit often has no updates for 7 days, much less 1 full month, I would probably never return. So thank you for being extraordinary. I did not notice how long I stopped updating the site. For a month or so, I stopped checking my emails or answered any phone calls because all of a sudden I felt weary of life in general. The dark clouds of Autumn probably add on to this gloom. Perhaps Jo and husband chose the wrong time to make their big move. In the middle of all the gloom and doom of Autumn, it may be easy to get discouraged or depressed. Like everyone else, these negative vibes will come to pass. Or become undead, whichever comes first.

A phone call was made to the far north, breaking my social exile finally, to the Duchess of the Brook

I'm back to updating bits and pieces and I will try to return to the box and reply them. (Special apologies to Veronica from the Atlanta, I will definitely reply you in time to come). I didn't even realise a month just passed like that and almost forgotten I actually have a blog that was supposed to be updated. The consequence of forgetfulness was that I received several strange messages via the phone hoping for a respond. When they realised I hadn't died, the messages naturally stopped coming as well, except for a couple of people whom hanged around like ghosts and one suspected might end up being proper friends with.

Talking about friends, everyone I know seem to have a different perspective about friendship. That is because it is so difficult to explicitly define friendship itself as well as its components. So most of the time, friendships were build on the assumptions either sides that they opposite party have similar ideologies about friendship. Many fall outs are so hurting and painful because parties involved could not understand why the opposite reacted or behaved in certain ways. That of course, was never due to cause and effect but the casual assumption of the opposite side all along, thus failing to establish the exact friendship ideology that he or she believed in. That left it possible to crossed lines that was drawn differently on fields of either sides or opening of closets with skeletons unintended.

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  1. Autumn is the time for harvesting. Busy days for those in farming.