Cheaper Fuel

When I asked Uncle Wong how much was the price of petrol in Singapore, his answer was, "Eh.... petrol not my department." Heh. Too many years in civil service. Even so, I suspect the Director of the Petrol Department, Mrs Wong Y.K might not be aware of the current price anyway.

To be fair, from a Singaporean's point of view, why do we even bother, since every petrol kiosks in Singapore sells at the same price? What is this? Pakkat ah? Damn it. If that is not annoying enough, why doesn't the price drop in tandem to oil prices? 

If we don't already know, the prices of every petrol kiosk in Perth differ every single day. Thus there is no such thing as brand or even kiosk loyalty unless you already regularly fill up at the cheapest kiosk on its cheapest day. In my view, that is not a bad thing. At least everyone has some business to do and consumers have the flexibility of choice. As for the recent dip in fuel prices, I don't understand why kiosk owners here don't simply Pakkat with their friends and continue to sell at the previous prices, since consumers have to suck it up anyway just like the way car owners in Singapore do. Honesty? Integrity? Or fear of a collective punch from angry consumers? I'll never know for sure. With 22% average drop in fuel prices since Winter, I don't think the consumers in Perth will complain, if this may signal an imminent (further) downward spiral of the economy here. Surely that beats the need to endure continuously high prices despite people losing jobs or getting their wages frozen deeper than Queen Elsa's dungeons. If my memories serve me correctly, that was what we went through in Singapore. I hope this has changed. Since Singapore is still going up, up and away at the moment, time can only tell. From my experience, if we place any expectations on that, we will end up in disappointment.

I filled the tank at $1.13/L today, down from the peak of $1.50 this year. Though that was just a few cents difference, the numbers did add up a bit after you went on long enough. At the end of the day, every bit counts if you can throw more seeds into the field. That will be what I have to do. I can't stop now.


  1. At your A$1.13 ... we should be paying S$1.22 (and it is so much more expensive to get petrol to the kiosks out in Oz) but we're paying about $1.9/L - talk about daylight robbery huh.

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  2. Same thing in Thailand, petrol prices vary among the different brands on a daily basis. The E20 fuel we've been using has dropped from 32 baht/l to 26 baht/l now, which on a full tank translates to 100 baht savings, quite substantial!
    Shopping malls here seldom charge for parking, which a SG friend has wondered why don't they pakkat and charge? But it won't work because people will just go to another mall, haha.

  3. Petrol in Australia is still a ripped off thing. Do you know how low is the Australian dollars again the US?

  4. Australia sucks lah. SG better. Petrol cost more, but not ripped off in sg.


    1. Neurotic, I did not say that. You sucks too..don't such a sarcastic fellow. I am a poor fellow do not own a car in SG. I do not have comment.
      IMO, overall SG is better after living in both cities. As long as you are happy with it just stick with it. Everyone has a choice to make for their own life.

    2. Donald, your English is as terrible as your logic. No wonder sg suits you better.

      But I have to say, your comments won't look out of place in an Aussie forum or message board. If you ever joined any, that is.

      Oh wait you probably didn't get it. Never mind...


  5. Yes everyone has a choice but still don't understand your point re your initial comment.

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  7. Haha - this Donald character again. I always try to read all replies and posts with objectivity - but his .... I sense the strange way that he thinks and reasons. Maybe his choice of words are a little poor - that makes us misconstrue his true meaning.

    We all know one or a few of 'that guy' in our real lives. Donald is 'that guy' in these message boards.

  8. Not trying to be how lian but in Sydney range from $1.06 to $1.14.

    Haven't seen prices so low since last milleneum