Chapter 2: Savvy Steve

"Come! I have been expecting you," chuckled Savvy Steve after a sinister laughter.

I have been warned against dealings with Savvy Steve but still succumbed to his evil. I am only human. What power do I have to resist what have been designed to ensnare the likes of me?

"How do you know I am coming?" I asked.

"I always know," replied Savvy Steve, holding that grin inhumanly since I stepped in.

It was already a done deal. In exchange for accommodation, I was to pledge a lifetime of toil to care take Savvy Steve's asset. It wasn't the best of all arrangements and I had negotiated for a better deal to reduce my slavery. In return I was to be put in hard labour camp for a few years. That made perfect sense to me and even Saavy Steve had to admit I was one of the tougher ones to deal with. It simply wasn't possible to nail me like how he did to the others.

It wasn't a meeting to discuss my side of bargain. We had deeper issues to iron out. "What about the 'ol place?" he hissed.

"I shall return it to you, Savvy Steve."

Savvy Steve narrowed his eyes and whispered menacingly, "I don't want it!"

Tapping hard on his table, he continued, "You shall be burdened in care taking it for me. Handle it well and you shall be rewarded for your effort. Handle is badly...." He paused for effect. "You shall regret dealing with me."

I already did. However, I wasn't one to dwell on regrets. No matter what situation I land up, my mind will always explore the next steps. The availability of which options to choose. Savvy Steve's shack had been a good shelter for my family. It could be a good idea to be its guardian. Perhaps one day, I could wrest it from Savvy Steve's evil grip. Since it was impossible to outlive Savvy Steve, it would be out of necessity to outsmart the smart and out-evil the evil. 

With that, I have to juggle three balls. Other than my wife, no one knows the intensity of what I have to shoulder on my creaking bones. I don't have the intention to share my woes. I am not prepared to answer questions or handle big reactions. Besides, it was my own fight. No one needs to be involved.