Chapter 17: Which Direction Should Your House Face?

Gintai SG asked me to discuss about the topic about MRT train killing maintenance staff. However, I had to say no that time. Usually I would obliged but I wasn't in a state to do so at that time. I would be either covered in dust, paint spots or other unsavory stuff that made sitting in front of a computer desk the last thing on my mind. Besides, most of the time I was without phone signal, let alone 3G or wireless. I was in a Forgotten Realm after all. A true Twilight Zone.

I showed Gintai SG some of the things that kept me busy for a few weeks. Hmm, why did he name himself that anyway? I never got around asking him. Did he have plans to go international with his blog or Facebook page? Like I could setup his franchise called Gintai AU one day and that Singaporean in Japan teaching language could set up Gintai JP? Ah, mysteries of the world. Anyway, Gintai replied to me pic spam was, "Wow, you are talented!" He was probably referring to the different kind of things I had been doing.

My reply to him was, "Poor, not talented." When you cannot afford to pay anyone to do stuff, you suddenly become talented. It works like magic. Try poverty. I have the complete guidebook of "How to be a Complete Pissed Poor Peasant" for only $9.99, for the first 50 customers. Order while stock last.

The topic for today is about where your house should face. If you are a big Fengshui believer or under some religion dictated shit, you might be adamant in facing a certain direction because of your horoscope and crap. Don't get me wrong, I am not undermining Fengshui. In fact, I believe in some principles of Fengshui because they make perfect sense. Such as, not buying a plot of land that at a T-junction.

If you are this, you're fucked

I don't buy the "Sha qi" nonsense. It is a weird way to put things. However, I agree that it is an obviously unfavourable position to be in. Who in the right mind would want headlights shining into your rooms every time a car drives by? Probably when you are a in the shadow puppeteer business. However most of you are not in the PAP, so you wouldn't want this situation if you have other options.

So the other day the atas lady Winnie asked about the recommended house direction in Perth. Hmm. The short answer is, there is no best direction at all. Unlike living in a HDB flat, where most flats have at least two shared walls with either a neighbour or a corridor, a typical standalone house in Perth will have all 4 fours facing the sun at different time of the day. So the idea of getting a "N/S facing" house to avoid the west sun may be a good generic tip but it doesn't make sense if you understand the concept.
Example A

Take the house in Example A for instance, the low lying western sun position during a Summer in Perth would be filtered by the car port. All bedrooms are adequately shielded so the heat will not bother anyone significantly. The family room will receive natural light in the morning but it will be dark by too early in late afternoon. That will be ideal for a household with a housewife or a family who returns home after dark, so the lack of natural light in late afternoon doesn't bother them. Or folks who enjoy sunning their clothing in car ports.

That is a "N/S facing" house alright. Front faces the north, pigu faces the south. So that should be good right? Yes, if the family enjoy built-in saunas in their bedrooms. The only problem is, you cannot turn it off during Summer. A lot of energy has to be used to negate the effects of the west sun. Not a problem if you have money to burn. This house will enjoy a lot of natural light in the living area till the evening, introduced by the south facing full sized sliding door. If the family loves "sleeping in", this will be a perfect set up because none of the bedrooms faces the glare of the morning sun. Bed 3 is basically the place you want to cook Bak Kwa with free, clean energy.

Conclusion: There is no correct direction to face. Much will depend on the shape of your land, the arrangement of your rooms and your lifestyle. There are also external factors to consider such as what you are facing. It could be a house, a hill, a long kang, a road or bare land etc. Each offers a different prospect.

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