Yesterday was pre-admission assessment. About time, about time. I felt something in my bladder again. It was of course our good friend, Mr C. He was back, seemingly after I relaxed a bit on my diet and began taking things like brown rice and noodles. It looked like there could be some truth in starving cancer cells by removing carbohydrates and sugar completely from the patient's diet. I did exactly that during the first 2 weeks and actually felt better. I thought it was imagination then but I was wrong, it worked after all. For currently I felt like I was back to square one, the pain and urine flow rate was back to the week I was diagnosed. 

Even though surgery is 6 days away, I would resume the strict diet I imposed on myself that made my condition seemingly better. It would be a second chance to test the theory, if affirmative, will be very much an indication how I should be eating for a long, long time after my surgery and subsequent treatments so as to keep cancer at bay. I was told by the doctor during the assessment yesterday that bladder cancer has one of the highest chance of re-occurrence. That meant this would be a battle for life, unfortunately. This is a very important fact with serious implications on matters. Remember that, we'll come back to it.

Both doctors I met were pleased with my condition. (I.e. I would be unlikely to die on the operation bed) Thus, we agreed that the surgery would take place as planned. The guys at Royal Perth Hospital will perform the Transurethral resection on me. They didn't describe the process to me. All that mentioned was that it is going to be a simple and fast operation which will not span more than 1 hour from end to end. But I knew what I am going to go through.

I won't elaborate much. This picture tells everything. Looking at it shrinks my balls - even if I'm not the one undergoing the procedure. Unfortunately, I am. So you can be sure they are hiding tight in their bags right now as I am typing this. Yeah, I had been told by so many people I would be fast asleep when they do this so I shouldn't worry. Trust me, you won't appreciate anyone piercing a probe right through your wee wee anytime, sleeping or not. But what's gonna be done, gonna be done. Just don't leave anything that doesn't belong there when you're done.

I was required to report to the hospital at 0630 hrs. Cool. I like that arrangement. For some reasons, I don't want to see the sun at all on my way to the hospital. I hope I do when I wake up.

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