Lee Bee Wah the Awarded CUNT

Thankfully, Singapore does not have a childbirth problem in the opposite direction. Else, we can expect genius MP Lee Bee Wah to regulate the problem by enforcing a licence must be obtained before anyone can have sex. Before that, she'll ensure every cyclist to get a licence before they can cycle on Singapore roads. [link]

Mind you, that is not a bad idea but that depends on which side you are standing on. Her colleagues will love her, for they are struggling with revenue raising ideas after the casino. "What else, what else ah?" Everyone has been walking in circles during their PAP meetings, except for PM Lee of course, who bumps his head into walls before he can complete a circle. So when Lee Bee Wah came out with this idea, she received her rightful adulation from her colleagues and went home with a equivalence to the Man of the Match (MOTM) or  Most Valuable Player (MVP) that soccer and basketball players receive respectively for their outstanding performances. That is of course, the Creative Unison Notion Trophy (CUNT). Oh she'll relish such prestige.

Lee Bee Wah received her CUNT award from Ah Chan as loving Singaporeans cheer
Really, if anyone is concerned about safety enough to invoke the ridiculous, one will wonder why our traffic police does not install a speed camera at every single lamp post in Singapore. When every drivers knows there is no way to get away with speeding, they stop speeding altogether or risk a imminent revoke. With speeding totally eliminated, it will prove what they advocate: "Regulate speeding for everyone's safety" is right. Or not. So why won't our government do it? Well if they do that, the number of speeding offenders will be drastically reduced and that translates to a dive in revenue collection. Challenge this.

So what is stronger underlying purpose of implementing cycling licensing other that revenue raising? The government can show Singaporeans the rising statistics of cycling accidents if they want to but that doesn't take away the fact that more accidents will happen when there are more cyclist and our population density has spiked. Common sense. Recently my neighbour got a big bruise after an unprecedented  incident of being knocked to the floor by a stranger on the street. As far as I know, she has never been floored during a stroll in her entire life thus far. Wonder if that warrant a call to implement a licence for safe walking?

Lee Bee Wah's genius opens up an wide array of possibilities for the PAP government.

- COE for bicycle. Different categories for children BMX, adult Mountain bike and Road bicycles and elderly Wheel chairs and parent baby strollers. NTUC trolleys are exempted.

- All vehicles must be installed with a IU and ERP is payable when any cyclist puffed pass the new cycling path abutt all roads with an adjacent ERP gantry. No ERP for cyclist after 12am

- All cyclist must go through 30 cycling lessons before they can take the practical test. Lessons will include a circuit training where cyclist learners will go through daily difficulties such as how not to roll back on a slope and perform parallel parking with or without striped poles.

- All cyclist will be receive a complimentary cycling water bottle that cost the Tax Funded Government Cycling School $100 bucks each, supplied by a mysterious company called HIT because no other vendors bid for the tender.

- The school will be headed by an ex-military general of course, because no one can ride a bicycle better than an army general.

- License will be renewed annually but only after the cyclist pays their cycling track tax

- Bicycles are only allowed to be parked at home or at designated parking post for a low charge of $10 a month. Sheltered parking is available for $20 a month. No parking in HDB corridor or void deck or other unauthorized area because if it is a fire hazard or it does not promote integration with foreigners. Or whatever they can think of.

- Insurance for cycling is mandatory. Only preferred vendors allowed to offer.

- All bicycles must go through an annual vehicle inspection for safety. Only preferred vendors are allowed to certify.

The possibilities are limitless for the PAP. Can you help them think of more?


  1. That moron MP has earned the disgust of many in the cycling community from the comments i've read. Even some pap supporters have 'awaken' after hearing that moronic idea of hers.

    Her treatment of a table tennis coach from China disgusts me & now this licensing idea just made it worse. With so many bangala, prcs & other foreign workers, how to enforce & implement is already not feasible.

    Moronic MPs like her ought to voice out more stupid ideas so more of those daft pap supporters can wake up.

  2. Credit has to be given to this MP who knows what is happening on the ground, cares to think about ways to resolve a real yet hard situation if we set aside discussion about the feasibility of her ideas. I was in her constituency. She is a genuine person, down to earth and certainly understands the demographic trend of the estate in her charge. She has actually materialised her drive to add elevators for the link across the busy road from the MRT station (in northern Singapore), for the sake of the many aged in the estate. As compared to the previous MP for the same constituency; who was all smiles and no work. I lost respect for him when he responded to me that he "was just an MP" thus he could not offer any resolution; this after I had finally completed my 3-hour plus wait from 7pm, in the queue for the Meet the MP session to resolve a serious leakage problem and obstacle set by an unreasonable above-neighbour who happened to be a Residents Committee member. This was years ago and I am just relieved with the end of the ugly and disillusioning episode.
    In essence, one needs to have first hand and all-rounded experience before offering any rational criticism. She is not all that moronic or deserving of a trashy sounding titled trophy that seems to involve our mothers, daughters, sisters, wives and many female counterparts. With a CUNT or not, her feasible or infeasible ideas stem from a caring intention. She is an engineer by training thus her ideas may be too structured/practical for some but at least she is aware of real issues with common folks. With the badminton association, she had emphasised her vision for more young Singaporeans to be groomed for the sport. After that, more school reach-out programmes were introduced . The several unpleasant experiences I have had with rude Foreign Talents like one who screamed at me like a hooligan in PRC accent when I told her that she had to queue up at a MRT Top-UP station; when I was short-changed of my money in some retail transactions with some FT retailers, when some cyclists who would ring their bell madly behind me to chase me off the track of a pavement... Too many real issues, too many Foreign Talents, too many Foreign Talents on the bikes that are on pavements and not on the roads, too many who cannot be bothered to respect grace and rules in place; too many who can just whinge and cannot do much? It is not all about CUNT or being a DICKHEAD to have a critical mind which is created on the top, not at the bottom for everyone of us...Can you come out with a better idea to deal with any of the problems faced?

    1. So the solution for any problems is regulation through licensing?

      I think not.

      Maybe you had good experience with her and bad experience with foreign talent but it doesnt make her idea a good idea, and punishing the whole group of people, cyclists or FTs or whoever, for a few bad seeds. The reason why all these things are more common now is because of increased social media and increased awareness.

      Maybe you had a problem with things like cyclist ringing their bell behind you, for me it's the other way round, that cyclist pass by without warning 'using their mind reading skill', what if I decide to step my foot in a different direction?

      You complain that people with PRC accent scream at you at MRT for telling them off, would you rather a Singaporean shouting at you in Hokkien instead in colorful language; both can easily happen. Did you really think Singapore's courtesy campaign (now "kindness movement") really worked so well that all Singaporeans wouldnt do this anymore?

      I believe the Singa the lion quit because of frustration and not because of exhaustion.

      So back to the original point: just because there is only one idea doesnt mean it is a good one. Saying that we adopt an idea, because no one else can come up with a 'better" idea, is stupid.

      Please use common sense, or do you need a licence to do so?