The CPF Question That was Never Answered

Why so dulan? Passive income coming lah
I've been pasted plenty of links of blog articles often. Among them are links to bloggers who called themselves my father and Roy Ngegntrng, however you spell or pronounce that name. In all honesty I never read their blog articles because I have an extremely short attention span and have a strong dislike for blogs that paste pictures or videos all over the place. Purely personal preference, nothing personal against the bloggers themselves. Now then I learnt the Roy may potentially be sued by our Prime Minister, maybe it's time to read his blog - for it has to make plenty of sense. I used to think Dr Chee Soon Juan was a academic wank until two of our ex-PMs sued him. Then I listened intently to whatever he had to say and found plenty of sense in words. That was the standard our government set for us, everyone should consider heeding it.

There are plenty of articles going on about whether the PM was right or wrong or what he should do or not. That was really no concern to me because the PM has the right to make his own decisions through legal means. His morals and character is out for the public to judge, nothing more needs to be said. Even before Roy penned his articles on the CPF, the topic has always been a black hole of mystery and secrecy. In any situation when the truth is withheld from minds, endless speculation and imagine follows. A classic example is Area 51 of the US government. Conspiracy theories about the secret place could be published in volumes by today. Aliens, human testing, you name it. So whose fault is it really, when a zealous commoner conjured a hypothesis so believable to the masses that sound truer than the real truth itself? And the real truth. That was swept under the carpet, bursting at its seams as already. 

What PM Lee did was effective for his standing in the upcoming general elections - to stifle online dissenters and thicken the vile miasma of fear that such an act can and will destroy an individual's life. That's a considerable weapon by his side as half of the battle of the next GE will be fought on the internet. Apart from that, the CPF mystery remains. By suing Roy's pants off, what the PM achieved was merely driving the coffeeshop talks to the backyard and will only create wilder speculations and interests by the Streisand effect.

Come to think of it, that is such a great money making machine. Mystifying something of great concern to the masses, bait for the next guy who question it hard enough, sue and profit! A rough calculation tells me that 5 successful sues should generate enough passive income for a common Singaporean for lifetime. What a privileged position one can be get to. That is a common illustration used by financial gurus to explain why most people are poor, as their parents do not impart sound financial education to their children. As we can see, PM Lee has great parents.

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