Singapore Revisit Log #4.0

Ah Liam is great as ever. When you have a friend who is willing to stay awake at 3.30am, pick you up at the airport then go to work as normal on the following day, you know you never live in vain. When it comes to lucky breaks in money, it has been always shit but when it comes to knowing amazing people in my life, I am a contender for being Top 10 lucky in the world.

Yeah the last minute ticket was expensive for sure but it gave me priceless minutes to chat with Uncle Wong, the man formerly known as Ah Liam. Moments like that has been scarce since we went into the workforce. It gave me an epic few hours sleeping on my sofa with the new family dog trapped between a near stranger, totally frightened of making a move. By afternoon, I dragged my zombie shell to Ah Qin's place to take a look at newborn baby Skyler before anything. The baby was as sweet as the cake Julia made for me the last time round. He yelped a little bit until I was urged to have a go to make friends with Skyler . Thankfully, after a few sniffs at my body ordour, Skyler was knocked out for a good 15 minutes in my arms. He was a good boy and deserved to be praised. Annoyingly, his mother had those superstitious auntie-like traits and chided me for praising her son because he 'would end up being naughty'. Perhaps I should call baby Skyler a very naughty baby, so that he will turn out being a real obedient boy, if that makes any sense (wtf?!). Nonetheless, when I am back the next time round, I will quietly whisper to the baby his compliments (only if he deserves it of course) when his parents are not looking. Heh heh.

Regrettably, the chat with mum was unforgivably short even though we chatted throughout the time I was sober. That was why the shout-chats from the bath rooms were necessary. I took a long time to get to the west, despite the world class public transport system. No, I shouldn't whine about this because I would be told a similar ride in Perth would cost me a few times more and arrive at the time I will be reaching my destination with the Singapore system. I have never taken a public train in Perth so I can't comment on something I don't know.

When I finally reach the familiar void deck I spent countless of days as a teenager, it was heartbreaking to see the bright lights of the wake, knowing fully who it was for. We had an hour or two to ourselves to chat. I was told Singapore was uncharacteristically 'cold' compared to recent days so I should feel lucky about it. I counted my blessings upon knowing that.

It was really good to see the rest of the friends much later at night. They stayed as late as they could but we had to say goodbye to the ones who had to work the following day. The three of us ended up watching how the glorious Brazil team being tore apart by a clinical Germany team. It would be a night and a game in our memories for a long time for sure.

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