'Desperate' to Migrate to Perth

Jul 18, 2014

Hi Nix, 

I have been reading your blog since I came back from Perth in June. I have an elder sister who is a PR there just like you.. After this trip, my husband and I have decided to migrate to Perth too. 
We have seeked advice from two immigration agent.  And both replied that we do not meet the current requirements as we are only Diploma holders. Sigh...
I used to be a primary school chinese teacher but I quit in 2012. I am thinking of getting a degree to increase my chance of getting to Perth, however I have a friend who advised that studying in Perth might be a better choice. 
We are definitely feeling lost as we really like the life in Perth... Moving over has been on our mind since beginning of this year. 

I hope to reunite with my sister and brother in law as they have been in Perth for 10 years and I am starting to regret the fact that we did not make the move earlier.... 

I hope you can have some advice for us. 

Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you so much for reading my email.. 


Hi SF,

Sorry for the late reply.

As you should know, I am not qualified to give any migration advice because I am neither trained nor the knowledgeable enough to explore the possibilities with you. What I normally shared with the others was the struggles I went through convincing myself I had to make the move and was lucky enough to find a way out then spending the next few years convincingly myself it was a right move. 

I cannot and will not tell you what to do but I can share with you what I will do if I were in your shoes. I'm not sure how old you are this year. If age is on my (your) side and since I know teaching is still safely on the vocational demand list, I'll go back into teaching. I'll sign a bond to get the degree if I have do. Whether I like the job or not is not the question because the bigger picture is the goal. Nothing is worse than conscription and I'll been through that so I'll treat this project as one, to make myself feel better. At least I will be decently paid and have a good chance in buying myself a ticket out. 

Alternatively, if I could afford it, I may do my teaching degree in Australia, specialising in areas of high demand such as special needs or early childhood etc. That should increase my chances of gaining employment upon graduation. Since further studies is commonly regarded as investing in oneself and I can take the opportunity to gain an in depth understanding of Perth to see if it is really the right place for me, I see such an arrangement as killing two birds with one stone. At worse, I will return to Singapore upon graduation better qualified for a more advance career path.

Having said that, Perth seems a tad crowded these days on the road. Do consider Melbourne as well.

Lastly, my only advice is be decisive. If this is what you want, work on it immediately. If not, eradicate these thoughts, move on and work on improving your life in Singapore. I hope this helps. Good luck SF.



  1. Hi Nix, thank you so much for your reply...
    Yes my husband and I have been thinking about the possibility of going to Melbourne. We have 2 kiddos so we are thinking of their future as well.. Singapore is way past 'a tad' crowded, I am sure you know what I mean... I did feel like giving up at times but my husband has been very encouraging... You are right, I need to be decisive... No time to waste anymore! :)

    Btw, I am 32 this year..
    Thank you Nix, your reply really helps reaffirm our planning and decision making...
    Hopefully I will bring good news the next time and we can meet up in Perth...

  2. Hi SF, I am not trying to spoil your plan but emigration is not for everyone. Visiting and living permanent are totally different experience. You must listen to both sides story. You will need to ask a few questions to yourself:
    1. Are you ready to be jobless for the next 6 months (at least)?
    2. Are you ready to take odd jobs?
    3. Are you willing to sacrifice conveniences?
    Jobless rate has been increased to 6.4% and economy has been soften unlike 10 years ago.
    Melbourne is a happening place but may make no diff with Singapore as it's getting crowded and traffic jam. Property price has been increased which might cost around 600K for an average house. I know it's a landed and freehold but would you happy to pay 6% mortgage rate. Of coz it would be good if you can buy outright or loan less.
    Australia is like a socialist which you have to pay more tax if you earn more. Are you happy to pay an average of 23% tax if you earn 80K per annum?

  3. Just need to add on, please do read the Australian news on the website to get a sense of their cultures and economy.

  4. Hi Donald,
    Thank you for pointing out those questions to me. My husband and I have discussed all those mentioned. We have been reading up and educating ourselves. We are aware that life will definitely be different. Yes I agree it is not for everyone but it is what we want.
    So, wish us luck!

    1. No problem, SF. I wish all the best. As long as you will never look back and move on you should be fine.

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