Singaporeans in Australia Packing Up for Home

My friend was dulan at me
Shocking headlines today, sent over early morning by a friend, Thomas Lim living in Melbourne, which is a few hours ahead of Perth. I'll have to admit I have totally underestimated the impact of social media on our mental motivations. What just a week of intense national appreciation did was an eye opener for me. It is apparent that emotional words are not mere text. They have the ability to carry invisible waves signals that could reach the hearts of Singaporeans living in faraway places.  

Being a critic of the government, I couldn't fathom what came over me. I even spent the entire week urging ALL my friends in my Facebook list to change their profile pictures to commemorate LKY, braving through abuse along the way. (see left)

When my friend Aku Tan refused to pay his last respects to Mr Lee, I called him a traitor. We haven't been on speaking terms for a week.

Back to the headlines, The Australian Daily reported thousands of Singaporeans cancelling their Australian PR to return home. And I thought I was a bit on the extreme side for the entire week already.....

Hundreds and thousands of overseas Singaporean all over the world are selling off their overseas assets, quitting their job and packing up. In Australia alone, the Australian Immigration Department reported close to nine thousand Australian permanent residents holding a Singapore passport submitted a request to cancel their residency.

No, these Singaporeans are not returning to their country of origin to retire. Many were deeply affected by the recent passing of their nation's founding father Lee Kuan Yew and a full week of national mourning both on the streets and on social media. In a bizarre fashion, they had decided to put their professed love for their country on social media into action and are returning to Singapore in doves!

Many Singaporeans expressed in their exit interviews about regrets leaving home that Lee Kuan Yew, with one hand in his pocket, thus single-handedly built. Citing factors such as Singapore's world-class education, transport systems and lowest crime rate in the world, interviewees expressed disbelief that they left Singapore in the first place and that the grass was actually greener at home, reportedly due to their superior national reticulation system managed by the National Parks Board (NParks)

Figures of the Great Singaporean Exit are continually rising since the beginning of last week as more are heading back to continue the legacy of their founding father. They are preparing to send their kids for national service, to serve and protect the nation.

This move will not only help the nation move forward, but also a much needed boost to hit the Population White Paper "projection" of a 6.9 million population. The Oversee Singaporean Unit (OSU) will provide assistance for relocating families in job hunting, schools to enroll their kids and a HDB flat to live in. 

The Prime Minister of Australia, Tony Abbott saluted the patriotism of Singaporeans. 

"It takes great courage to say something, but it takes greater courage to put it into action. From the bottom of my heart, I wish them good luck in their returning and hopefully, Singapore can now depend on them," he said.

Tony Abbott urged the Immigration Department to be "on the double" to assist Singaporeans with their abrupt transitions.


  1. Actually people are flying back because they found the perfect excuse to try out that spanking new scoot Dreamliner, indulge in the 50 die die must eat hawker food and then bring back tonnes of bak kwa now it is 'officially' allowed.

    1. Tonnes of bk?

      True or not? Don't pray pray and get my hopes up.

      I tot only kan bring 1 kg?

  2. Great April fool's joke. Here's a pro tip for next time, be sure to spell check first(Oversee) before posting!!

    1. Think you didn't get it. "Oversee". Think.

    2. Ah Lian, like that you also can spot it! Salute you

  3. Not on speaking term for a week? Zun bo? Haha..

  4. Not on speaking term for a week? Zun bo? Haha..

  5. IS THAT even real or joke?

  6. Is this for real? I don't think it is wise for them to build up their presence overseas with difficulty and years of their blood, sweat and time and suddenly abandon all just for one dead old man.