How Brexit May Affect Australia (To Stephen T)

Stephen threw me a surprising question about Brexit the day before. I found myself struggling for an answer because I had not put in any thought in it. Apparently, Brexit is a big topic. Even the folks in the office were talking about it. Suddenly, everyone becomes an expert in world economics or international relations. Social media is flooded with shock and despair. That's perplexing for me, considering the British had reclaim some sovereignty from a cancerous union. I was expecting a small percentage of congratulatory content going around at least. 

I guess gaining independence is a sad thing. Didn't our Found Father cry on national TV when it happened to us? Or were we really kicked out by the Malaysians like the rumors go? Nah, that cannot be true. That isn't what they are saying in social studies textbooks or on the annual NDP storytelling segment. So the next time you are dumped by your girlfriend or boyfriend, tell your folks that you have gained independence and it is perfectly okay to cry.

The British are being accused to be xenophobic, racist, uneducated and foolish. Millions have been reported to regret having voting to leave. The media is flooded with negativity with Brexit for a very simple reason. The media is owned by the elites. This isn't some conspiracy theory, just common sense. Fear, lies, hate, anxiety of the unknown, uncertainty of the future impair our common sense. That is how the elites control the masses. The British cannot be commended for their unexpected decision to leave the EU. In fact, the EU will make it as hard as possible for the UK to have a smooth ride, let alone flourish, as long as they can help it. The road ahead is going to be difficult and complex for the British for sure and much of the challenges they will be facing will be from external forces. For if the British manage to forge a contrary outcome to the doomsaying media, it will prove the EU is detrimental and inspire the others to follow suit.

I hereby congratulate the British for finding their balls. Gradually they will reclaim their pride and dignity as human beings. 

Will Brexit affect Australia positively or negatively or will there be any impact at all? That was the question Stephen posed. Well, if they continue to paint this as bad an idea as allowing Rover to drag a roadkill into the house, more residents will be contemplating leaving the UK for greener pastures. Australia is one of the known favourite migration destinations of the Poms. So an increase in British migrating to Australia is a high possibility. Will we see a spike like how the Hong Kongers left in doves for Canada after the transfer of their sovereignty in 1997? That depends on how strongly the Brits believe in their decision and want a part in rebuilding their country.

Economically, separating the effects of the falling Pound, Brexit should not be any immediate impact on Australia. At the moment Australia and the EU has no free trade agreement but there have been talks of holding talks. If (When) Britain leaves, Australia will have to negotiate a separate deal with the UK. That will be of a low priority for Britain as renegotiating their trade and political links with the other 27 EU member states will be highly critical. This takes time. It will be at least 3 years before the transition is over. The outcome of these negotiations will have an impact on the eventual deal with Australia. The less favourable the outcome, the sweeter it may be for new trade partners across the globe. 

The faces of the some real estate spruikers in Australia have re-emerged, after burying their faces in sand for these couple of years, ready to clutch at any glimmer of hope. They are assuming that the Brits will be coming to grab any slice of stability in Australia to calm their tits down. It will take more than that to reverse the dire real estate situation here. They are not going to come by boat loads. Moreover, if there are not enough jobs to go by around here, any temporary reversal will eventually creates a deeper dive when recession bring forth panic selling.

That will be my casual observation from the pissed poor peasant of the north for you. Tell me if you are looking to buy an IP to rent out to the Pommy bastard.

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