Dragon Year Did Nothing to Boost Singapore's Birth Rate

A few months ago I rubbished the "Dragon Baby Boom". It is a myth and it has been proven by statistics. [my post] The 2nd quarter of the year is almost over and I am proven right - the Dragon Year did nothing to our ailing birth rate at all.

The new statistic update in CIA World Factbook showed Singapore firmly rooted at the bottom of 222 countries in fertility rate. I bet our prostitute press did not choose to report this. It must have been quiet for them lately, as there are nothing much to boast anymore. We don't have the No.1 ranking in the busiest port anymore.[link] We lost the No.1 ranking in airport as well. [link]

Most importantly, we are no longer the least corrupted nation anymore. Surprisingly they chose to report this [link] and not surprisingly, they downplayed it by using "But it remains the least corrupt in Asia, ahead of Australia, Hong Kong and Japan." and a headline like "Singapore no longer least corrupt, but dip 'insignificant'". I stopped reading after that.

Not that we care about the No.1 hypes anyway. Poor commoners like us don't care about No.1. We care about bread and butter issues like jobs and family. The fertility rate is continues to be a concern. However this time, the alarms are snuffled and shelved like a broken record. No one is interested in it anymore. We'll simply get foreigners in to replace the shortfall.

My previous chart, updated

Predictably (by me), the Dragon Year did nothing to boost Singapore's fertility rate. I continue to hear aunties saying that it's hard to get a place in schools if we get a Dragon Baby. Some even postpone child planning because of the Dragon Year. I can't help but laugh.

Our 2012 birth rate dropped drastically to 7.4 from 8.5. If you look at the drops in the past few years, they have not been that serious. Though there is a good 2 quarters left to go in the Dragon Year, I seriously doubt the trend will be reversed. I hope to be proven wrong. We'll see.

Singaporeans will therefore be completely extinct before the end of next generation. But never fear, we have a lot of foreigners in Singapore now and the government will persuade them to take up Singapore citizenship. So far, we know that the government has been unsuccessful in getting Singapore PRs to take up citizenship in significant numbers. The numbers must have been as dismal as our fertility rate.  Meanwhile more Singaporeans seem to be leaving. Looks like Plan B is not going to work as well.

What's the Plan C now?


  1. Dunno what the gahmen plan C is, but my plan B is to get out of Dodge! Asap!

  2. Yup....dont need us, you dont give birth doesnt matter at all. They can alway REPLACE you wit FT....we are really not important.

    ah pooh

  3. Gotta get out of this SINKapore asap.

    This is not a country (or in LKY's eye, HIS Inc.) to stay on anymore... no minimum wage for the commoners, but a minimum wage of at least $1m++ for entry ministers.

  4. They should have seen it all coming but the MIW decided to sit on their hands. They have decided with the easy way out, by mass importing foreigners to replace the population.

    Once they are done, I believe most of the MIW will be heading overseas for their retirement with their fat bank accounts!

    What irony...

    Jeff Lim

  5. 'Singaporeans' won't become extinct by numerical decimalization you see...it becomes extinct first by losing its definition.

    Singapore is becoming kind of like HongKong...not a country...just a city. Hongkies are a migrating bunch as well.

    Sama sama. No biggie. All in the grand master plan of PAP.

  6. Basically, the cheque book is in their hands - they just pay or serve themselves with whatever salaries and bonuses they want, and using whatever formulas they like to "confuse" the people (since they can't "convince" the people).

    Checkout the below news (national bonus in place of the previous GDP bonus, plus performance bonus):

    National Bonus for political office holders
    26 March 2012

    All political appointment holders (Parliamentary Secretary to Deputy Prime Minister) will get the same National Bonus rate to reflect their joint contributions as part of the Cabinet. The Prime Minister will get twice the rate as he does not get a performance bonus.
    The performance bonus is decided by the Prime Minister and ranges from zero to six months, with a good performer getting three months.

  7. Dude, sooner or later you'd find that there will be a LOT of Singaporeans (or "sinkies", in sammyboy's terms lol!) that will increasingly be labelled as "old wives".

    Dragon year is one aspect. I'm crawling through LIFT's posts and he's only touched the surface, so here's hoping you live through the fullest overseas life you could grab for and discover how much more there is to learn, mature, and grow! One day Singapore is going to be truly just a small red dot compared to your life overseas as time matures.

    Take it from those who have walked this path. All I offer is: don't waste time. Look forward, and think forward. Never looking back (e.g. Singapore) saves you a lot of time and brain matter to settle currently in Australia.

  8. Such a flair n talent in writing. I'm impressed. Well Done! On the other hand, so much resentment on your motherland which is disturbing n unhealthy.

    Let me share this - just 3 days ago, my friend's house (in Perth, in fact, not too far from where you're staying now) was broken into in the evening. They called the police but was told that they can't come now but will be there the next morning and will let them know the time. Huh??

    Ideally, everything should be perfect, only if we are staying in a perfect world, but sadly, it does not exist! You have made your choice and moved to an 'adopted' home. Step back and fret no more. Channel your energies on providing a quality life for your wife n kid. Live n let live.

    Remember the initial purpose of your blog.

  9. It's okay ler, soon the garment will clone humans! Can clone sheep and dogs , am sure humans will be next, this scares me, imagine cloning the likes of old fart, woody, pinkie, Wong cannot sing, Mabo, Tan and gasp! Ho Ka Ching! scary thoughts indeed :(