Tan Chuan Jin, Yet Another Conformist

I refer to Tan Chuan Jin's reply to a blogger who wrote about his views about the underlying problems with our HDB system. You thought it will end when Mah Bow Tan was booted out of the cabinet don't you? Who can forget his insistence on "HDB is affordable"?

Tan Chuan Jin is simply parroting the same tune as what the government has been trying to convince us through propaganda. After his "Is it really so dire? Is the HDB flat really so out of reach?" statement in his second paragraph, I stopped reading. I can write these too, much more convincingly. I could probably arrest the public with my attempt to confuse much better than these cronies. Just give me a call for the job discussion.

Nevermind what Tan Chuan Jin said. We need to understand the lessons from this episode.

Lee Hsien Loong said he recognised the PAP has not done well during their last term, apologised and promised to do better. We know very well the escalating costs of HDB flats was one of the key issues discussed in during the rallies. In truth, by now it is pretty clear: they have never realise what have really gone wrong. Or they couldn't care less.

An MP's job is to alert the Ministers of any problems that was feedback to them on the ground. Whether or not they are PAP MPs or oppositions MP. Let's not talk about political parties or politics here. Let's think over this rationally. If a MP does not relay the citizens' issues to the Ministers, will there be any possibilities with a reform? The laments from the masses are getting louder over the years. The MPs should have realised by now this isn't noise. They need to stop slapping statistics on the public to justify  for the government's stance and start looking seriously into the problem. If the government keep brushing asides problems and be serious for once, there will never be actions taken to come out with proper viable solutions - much less implementing any.

The new batch of MPs are the same dull conformists that Singaporeans don't need. Remember Tin Pei Ling's "To be honest I don't have any specific policies I feel strongly against” comment even before she was elected? (and you voted for her?!) Chan Chun Sing's display how high he was up sitting in the ivory towers with his XO Chye Tow Kuay. Then Parliament jester Nair's ridiculous act to challenge an opposition MP in Parliament. Remember - an MP's job is to relay messages from the ground, not to waste precious time in Parliament with gutter politics. That is for election time and that is over.

I have advice for the rest of the PAP MPs:

"Better to remain silent and be thought a conformist than to speak out and remove all doubt."

Singaporeans, the opposition are hopeless you said.

Vote for the PAP, you did.

Look what you did. These are the people you chose to represent you in Parliament. To voice out your concerns and fight for your welfare.

Yet "Everything is alright," they said.

Have you learn any lessons here at all?


  1. being a former military man, he is taught to be yes man

  2. he dont get those shiny stuffs on his shoulders and chest by voicing out his own thoughts

  3. This BG is destined for higher office. If he keeps bringing negative (real) views from the ground, he will not last long. These people must also play tai-chi and impress their bosses mah.

  4. As per usual. The govt rips off the population with sky-high HDB prices, pocketing 100-200% profit, pocketing the gains and sucking up to casino owners and the super rich while middle and lower class Singaporeans suffer.

  5. I would really like to know: which history Singapore is repeating for itself?
    Which previous nation, ideology, era?
    The rising public discontent no longer makes its history unique.

    Any government worth its pay would also want to know, so as not to assure its own downfall by doing too little, too late.

    The answer cannot come from pro-establishment mainstream media.
    It also does NOT come from anti-establishment alternative new media.
    How we sorely lack third-party, neutral, astute wisdom!