Is Shamirah going to turn up? She did.

Will the car break down? It didn't.

Will we get into an accident? We didn't.

Did we forget the passports? We didn't.

Will the plane crash? It didn't.

Will I get arrested at the custom? I didn't.

Are we going to get into a car accident on the last lap? We didn't.

If it didn't matter to me, it wouldn't bothered me that much. After a year, my mother finally met her only son, her favourite daughter-in-law, and ... her 8 month old grand-daughter she could only touch and smell the first time. I could sense her relief, under the guise of estasy and then her slight disappointment that Albany didn't react well in their first interactions. However, within 24 hours, there was clear signs of mutual endearment between grandmother and grand-daughter. Albany was visibly comfortable with her maternal grandmother and chuckled like they were never apart before.

From a third party perspective, I could see how much my mother loves us the way she handles Albany. I could almost see myself in Albany's position and my mom, decades younger, fussing over me the same way. We would never know then, from a baby's perspective but now, we could see. Parenthood is a huge paradox. It seems like a burden but it is a key to set you free again. You want your child to grow up quickly yet you miss every stage as quickly as it passes. The difference between your child being too young to get married and too old not to get married can be a mere 5 years. You feel happy your child mastered independency but you hate to lose his presence. 

I can see a great bond building up between mum and Albany very quickly. They will be inseperable in 5 weeks' time where it'll be painful for all once again. But for now, nothing else matters other than ensuring quality time is being spent wisely.


  1. Are you in Singapore now?


  2. Hey hey! Welcome Home! M ;)

  3. if u need to get your folks to this part of the world u need to be in nz.

  4. wow. YOur mother must be delighted to see you and your wife with your beautiful little girl. she must be impressed too!

    Being curious, how did you manage to be able to take leave for 5 weeks?

    Anyway, Enjoy the stay here and good to hear from you.

  5. Gone walkabout hey! Have a great holiday:)

  6. Good time to stock up on some 宝宝肥仔水 and 京都念慈菴川貝枇杷膏, may not be available or more $$ in the Windy City. Get your mom or someone to make you a "豆芽壳" pillow for the little one to bring back while you are at it !

  7. huh? back in sg for such a long 5 weeks????

  8. Thought u r the only son? No? Then, what's with the favorite daughter-in-law? Are there other daughters-in-law? Or had there been others prior to Jen?

    Your mom... Shouldn't she be Albany's paternal grandma?

    1. Maternal as in 'motherly' I think he means. She sounds like a lovely woman!

  9. must be nice to be home again :D Enjoy your time in Singapore!