Spring Again

I remembered the smell of the Spring Breeze. I remembered writing about it not long after I came to Perth [link]. I experienced it again, so quickly, just 3 days into Spring. Winter was truly over and done. It was still cold today when I reported for work but it was just ... different. I could feel Spring even without the evidence of the calendar. Spring is my friend.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I have to say this again, time really flies. In another fortnight, I would be here for a complete year. How my life has changed in the last 12 months. I never had a single monotonous season to help me settle down faster. 

I could still remember my tears slipping down quietly as I bid my mother goodbye over the phone just before I board the plane. Before I could come to terms with my crazy migration decision, I began on the most physically taxing job of my life so far, where I had to go through 2 minor eye surgeries a small but serious burn on my thigh which still hurts today and multiple minor metal shards into the skin or nails agonies. Just when I was getting used to the job, Albany arrived in slight dramatic style. Summer brought my worst memories so far with his inferno and flies friends, Barry White went through a streak of non-starting days, as well as 1 month living with my mother-in-law, Jen and Albany all in one small room no bigger than any HDB flat room. When the mother-in-law returned home, we thought life would finally come to a flat line but we had to move to another house. Though that deranged us a bit, it was a good decision because we really enjoyed the following 5 months even though I had to endure a car accident in Autumn. There were the up and downs in Winter which I did not feel like penning the experiences here.

So Spring is here. My 6 months lease in the current place will expire in mid Spring. An increase in rental seems imminent. We are not sure if we will stay or move and it looks like my adventures will go on and go on for a while more but still, doing a repeat commentary of my Perth life through 4 seasons seem like a boring preposition. Theng was suggesting something along of the line of writing fictional stuff in a brand new blog. Well, writing stories for little kids may not be a bad idea for a change. After all my forte was writing fictional tales. (I bet you can tell by now). Besides, I cannot be writing about ugly politicians all my life. Nobody wants to read negative shit.


  1. One cycle gone another cycle coming. Life! I love it! What about u??

  2. My friend. Be strong. You are an inspiration to all of us. May God have mercy upon you and bless you thru this journey.

  3. just think "Seinfeld" - 9 seasons of minutiae !

  4. Singaporeanson might like to call his life 'his own' for a while instead of bearing the responsibity of having to write posts for all of us. No matter how much we want a piece of him I am sure that he deserves to have his privacy too and with a lovely family, work and a garden to tend he must feel that there are not enough hours in the day. Besides you wouldn't want to delay his work on the next masterpiece would you? After all he is going to be the next Enid Blyton :)