We took my parents to the beach on Sunday. Alas, we didn't take any pictures there so I have to net-lift some pictures from the internet closest to what I saw that day.

A part of Coogee is for sale at the moment. There are land parcels along Socrates Parade beckoning at potential buyers. The mounting bars of the boundary fences were already erected, clearly demarcating residential land of different shape and sizes. Even each unit's letter box had already been completed. It was all ready for buyers to buy up and start building their dream home.

When we talk about dream home, someone's dream may be another's nightmare. For my dad, a house built on one of the land parcels here would be a home of his wildest dreams. To live less than 50m away from sea, an ocean in this case, indulge in fishing every day without fail, watch the stars at the balcony each night and allow the rhythm of the waves to coo him to sleep. Pipe dream or not, at least my dad dared to dream beyond his golden years, despite the teasing mocks from family and never let it up.

How many of us still dare to dream anymore, barring that common one to be the sole winner of that multi-million CNY toto draw? For many, including myself, our secret dreams made way for realistic practicality long ago. We are afraid to tell the people around us what we very much love to do anymore. We are so afraid that we do not even dare to whisper to the little dream to ourselves anymore when no one is looking.

Coogee is a beautiful quiet suburb at the west coast of Perth. It is 20km away from the city and just 8-10km south of Fremantle but it contrasts the port town of Frenmantle rather clearly. I drove past Coogee on my way to Henderson for delivery twice. This region never fail to give me a dreamy and peaceful feel to it, nothing like the more vibrant coastal suburbs along up to 50km north of it. Perhaps it is just early developments days. Wouldn't it be a pity if it turns out to be similar to the rest?


  1. Building your own house in an area like this might be something for you to consider. Quieter, less established places have the potential for capital growth.

  2. All things are possible if we let them be. It is up to each of us to remember what makes us happy and not close the doors on allowing our dreams to become reality. It may not turn out exactly as we imagined but the closer we get, the happier we are :)

  3. Nix, hope you still remember the First Home Savers Account that I told you some time ago.

    1. Hi MNG, I have a complicated problem that I am unwilling/unable to reveal online about this