Singapore Shared Values: Racial and Religious Harmony

Do you know what are the 5 shared values of Singapore? [link]

1. Nation before community and society above self
2. Family as the basic unit of society
3. Community support and respect for the individual
4. Consensus, not conflict
5. Racial and religious harmony

Presenting insights of the last shared value first because in Singapore, we place the most highly regarded value at the last of the list. Take a cue from the SAF core values [link], you know it's as true as the blessed sun. Indeed, racial and religious harmony is an important shared value. We recognise the need for different communities to live harmoniously with one another in order for all to prosper.

The Singapore government reminds their people every chance they have about how they created the Singapore Economic Miracle that won admiration from the rest of the world. How modest of them not to mention our Racial and Religious Harmony Miracle they have achieved. 

Racial issues have been commonly regarded as 'sensitive issues' in Singapore. Thus, Singaporeans do not discuss about it publicly, perhaps only behind tightly curtained bedrooms for the minority. In recent years, there had been high profile arrests on bloggers who carried out their racial slurs beyond the line. Gagging the public means there is no expression of unhappiness, thus breeds harmony. Thus racial inequality does not exist. Singapore believes in Harmony, not Equality. So long as we maintain harmony no matter how marginalised some are, it is right.

The Sedition Act is in Chapter 290 of the Statutes of Singapore only applies to bad bloggers. Majority of bloggers are after all no-lifers, mostly probably unemployed for years and do not have social manners. They might as well be placed in a cell whenever possible. They probably would not notice it so long if we give them internet access in jail. Dignified professionals, however, are exempted from prosecutions. This is meritocracy. Probably. So long as Singapore survives till the next 21 July, Racial Harmony Day, where children in schools wear nice traditional costumes to school, hold balloons and hands with one another, all bad blood will be reset to zero. The way our traffic demerit points get erased off the system after the waiting period.

Unlike other countries, our people do not torch places of worships of other religions and we are very proud of our years of racial peace. After all Singapore is a first world nation. We are poets, not warriors. Thus differences are settled literally. That happened to be in line with our NTUC Chief's tagline of "Cheaper, better, faster". Why hit the streets where you can hit the internet and burn in cyber-flames?

Undermined races or religion bodies must swallow the bitter pill and bite a few bullets because harmony is of paramount importance to the prosperity of Singapore and its people. May the Gods bless Singapore forever more.


  1. Very obvious that without peace and harmony, a family will disintegrate; a nation will go to war and fight to the death as in Syria, civil war in China; revolution and civil war in Russia and civil war in America. Peace and harmony are intangible invisible things but without them all materialism and materialistic progress will be annihilated. Look at Japan and Germany during the war, almost total destruction.

  2. That mindless bitch has been sacked a while ago by NTUC! Good riddance. NTUC did the right thing. Damage control came early before it got out if hand! Cheers to NTUC! Maybe, she is a PRC afterall!

    1. Her job is vacant now. There's a new job offer:

    2. Her surname is 100% not PRC. She is a Cantonese if not mistaken.

    3. Not PRC, but PR (as read from forum posts).

  3. Heard from the news on the radio that she is heading to Perth to get away from the bigger noise apparently not from her HDB flat.

  4. Oh, the irony!

    Looks like Amy Cheong is actually a Malaysian-born AUSSIE CITIZEN!! She's a PR of Singapore for the last decade or so.

    1. Why no S'poreans can do her job?
      Her job in NTUC must be highly skilled?
      Is NTUC a foreign company in S'pore?