More Stupid Under Pressure

Many Singaporeans pride themselves as an elite working class which thrives under pressure. Until recently, we were brought up being told we were the best. All of a sudden, Singaporeans are dogshit. Of course. Otherwise there will no justification to bring in foreign talents. 

I remember we were the batch being put through some kind of strange test during Primary 3. Then my classmates seemed to go separate ways for Primary 4 the following year. Much to my annoyance, the cute girl that I liked even got a transfer to a supposedly gifted school because of what she did in her test. I never knew the results of my test and I gathered I was somewhat stupid since nobody bothered to bother about me after that.

Later in life, I realised what was given to us was an IQ test.  I took one once in a while to see how I fare and had never scored more than 130 before. Like the test I took during Primary 3, most of those IQ tests were timed. That shouldn't be a major issue because it was assumed that if one couldn't figure out the answer to an IQ question for the first few minutes, he would probably never even if he stared at the question for an hour. Besides, Singaporeans thrive under pressure, remember?

When I came across yet another IQ test [try the test here] shared on Facebook by my sexy ex-classmate Larry, I was reluctant to have a go. I had the same reaction as the others whom I shared the quiz with later on - no need to test lah, I'm stupid. Somehow the short 20 questions snuffled the demotivation in me and I found myself having a go with it and was surprised that I got this result.

My good friend Tucky got a similar score and he told me 'Bei zhun one lah'. I told him most of the people I sent the quiz to returned a result ranging from 130-140 but he was still skeptical. It was interesting to note how each of us already had a pre-determined intellectual opinion of ourselves so no test would really change our mindsets. To be honest, I wasn't convinced with my results either. It wasn't a score of a genius but if I was that intelligent I wouldn't have struggled like fuck in my career when I was in Singapore. If I was that intelligent, I would had been damn stupid to fuck up that way. If that even make sense at all. To add on to that, that test wasn't timed so I took my time with some of the harder questions. I would have scored zero on those under the same conditions when I did that IQ test during Primary 3. (Thus I am convinced that I am more stupid under pressure)

Most of the questions reminded me of some kind of training both Tucky and I, as avid gamers, had been put through all our lives playing computer games. A couple of questions distinctively resembled some puzzles in games we had tried, such as Silent Hill, to get us to the next stage of the game. So Tucky might be correct to say the test wasn't a good gauge of IQ. So all you stupid fucks should be happy to know you may actually geniuses in reality and it was simply a case of the test doing no justice to you. On hindsight, that actually goes to show the MOE's decision to segregate kids (of my time) by IQ was a dumb decision. Whatever it was - we had fun. I hope you did, if you were one of those who tried this.

If you wanna have a go [try the test here]. I would be happy to share my answers and my explanation why I chose them (be it correct, wrong, or a calculated wild guess) if you are interested in my answers.


  1. Eh, bro... I also just tried the test. No offence la, but I think this IQ test kena fixed.
    I also got 190 and da vinci code as well. Cannot be that all of us are geniuses, right? @-)

    1. You are right bro. It could be a reverse test. The actual score should be OurScore - 100. So closer to 90 :-d

  2. I actually started a thread to ask for answers explaination....