When You Visit a Migration Agent, Bring Along a Spider

Hi Nix,
Im Faizal fm  spore n just wanted to hit d rite note wit e subject! Hope u still bleeding red with pool as good times coming.

Short intro-im ardent reader of yr blog n daily dose of yr adventure jus make my train ride every am oblivious to the sardines!

Im treading my way thr man.....hit a snag as my agent misinfomed.....190schedule2 WA state sponsor = require me to hv an offer of job! Wtf.......Im holding back my piece of mind to d agent....

Positively looking forward to the situation, im searching hopefully of any job offer be it low entry level or any damn shit job tt can give me tht offer LETTER.....jus need to get adv on the following:

A. is thr any synducate willing to sell offer of job letter ?

B. I plan to go cold knocking on doors of sports company in wa with hope tht they r willing to e,ploy me with condition tht i will start 3 4 months later when my pr approve.do u thk it work tht way?

C. U still in spore?

Hope to hear fm u n say hi to Albany n Jen!


Hi Fz,

Your agent
From my understanding (I may be wrong of course), a State Sponsorship or nomination from Western Australia is an agreement with the Government of WA to make a commitment to live and work in the state for a period of two years after your visa is granted. I have yet to hear anyone requiring a job offer to qualify for a State Sponsorship. What your agent said didn't even make sense to me. If you have already have a job offer, your company will be able/willing to apply a work visa (subclass 457) for you without the need of your PR visa. Why would you require a State Sponsorship in that case? My suggestion to you is to ask your migration agent to catch a spider and fuck it.

Cold knocking on doors sounds daunting to me. As Summer is ending in Perth soon, be sure to bring some warm clothing to avoid the process being colder than it is. Though my impression of cold calls/knocks without a work visa yield very poor returns, I am not ruling getting a job this way completely out as people continues to surprise me. Perhaps your chances with the employers may increase if you tell them your visa is 'in process'. Again - this situation sounds ridiculous to me (refer to paragraph one) so remember to clarify it with your migration agent. Bring a spider with you just in case.

No, I'm already back in Perth. Unfortunately, I didn't see anyone reading the blog in the MRT trains during my trip back. One of my friend told me he saw someone doing so several times and I'm 'famous'. That must be a myth he created to tempt me not to stop writing. Nonetheless it is encouraging to hear people telling me how it helped to kill boredom by reading it during train rides or toilet bowl arts. That's definitely better than being told my writings cure someone's insomnia.

Thank you for writing to me. I wish you good luck in your application and job hunt. YNWA


  1. Looking for jobs with a tourist visa in Oz is illegal.

  2. Hi Faizal, you don't need a job offer to be awarded state sponsorship. Like Nix said, you just have to stay in the state for 2 years upon approval. Sorry to say but your agent does not seem to know what he's doing.

  3. Very interesting. Iam very surprised :)

  4. I struggled to read Farzal's letter...

  5. People can stay away harassment if they get the right Migration agent..That I think..

  6. I don't know much about migration. I've never had to do it before. It sounds like getting a state sponsor is the way to go.

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