Airbnb: 48 Days

If you are new to Airbnb's host interface, the dark green part indicates days you are booked on your calendar. I'm new to this too but someone from Malaysia booked our room for 50 nights!

That's highly unusual. We had a little joke the previous evening what we thought about it but at the end of the day, a joke is a joke. As hosts, we will remain professional and will not pre-judge any guests unless there is a clear red flag screaming at us. It is human nature to be imaginative and curious. Sometimes you wonder about things that are none of your business. 

The good thing about this booking is, we'll have a clearer idea how we feel about people coming in and out of our house while we live in. Come to think of it, we always had someone with us for considerable periods here. So this will not be something entire new. The only difference is that this time the accommodation we are providing will be rated and reviewed. Not only that, but us as host as well. That doesn't feel so comfortable anymore does it? Well, it's a good way to find out if you are an asshole I guess. If you feel you are one, maybe you can join Airbnb as a host like me to confirm it. Tell me when your get your certification of truth. Haha. Then we'll all call you asshole. Ok, the deal is, if/when I do, I'll let you know too.

Another good thing about the booking is, the room will be occupied for some time. You don't really want your property to be vacant for too many days, do you? However, there is a slight problem. As we are a new account, what we need now is shorter stays so we can get as many (good) reviews as we can in a shorter period of time before our "new" tag is removed. I read that our listing will be difficult to find once we are not tagged as a "new" account. Unless of course, there has been plenty of bookings and good reviews. That is how the algorithm works in apps like that these days. Nothing new there.

So any one of wants to book a room in mid May this year to help out?

It comes with a plate of free Char Kuay Teow ok?


  1. Mate. I know of people who have made hosting a career. Some of them have joined companies like hometime. The payoff is pretty good when you're managing 40-50 properties. With your handyman experience and can do attitude you may find it your blue ocean. I'm also an airbnb host and the business is very viable.

  2. I'm really new to this, please feel free to tell me more about your experience mate!

  3. Happy to share any experience. I'm "the accountant" you wrote about several years ago. I've since migrated here - been two years. Can u see my email from your blog? If yes, just drop me an email. If not, let me know here and I'll email you - I still have your old email if it's working.

  4. A quick tip is to check out your neighborhood and lower your prices until you get more than 10 reviews or achieved "superhost" status. Getting superhost helps a lot with bookings and allows you to increase your prices. Never cancel any bookings that are already accepted or you forfeit running for superhost. Most guests will prioritize the "cleanliness" portion of the reviews so make sure you get five stars everytime, or at least 95% of the time.

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