Very Decent Meatballs

I thought I'll post my cooking attempts up though it will probably be the most unprofessional cooking blog ever.  Not that I care.  What's more important is that I have something to refer to when I need to cook the same dish again.  I don't like to keep notes or carry books around.  So there.

"Delicious meatballs!" - Jenny Chiang, food critic.

These balls aren't bad.  In fact, they can be real good, if you do them right.


250g minced pork
250g minced beef
2 big potatoes
rosemary (herbs)

That should be all.  First, boil the potatoes till they are soft enough to be mashed up.  Then mash them up.  Add salt and pepper to the mashed potatoes and taste it.  If it taste nice, you're done for this part.

Next, mix the minced pork and beef in a large bowl.  Sprinkle a pinch of rosemary and enough breadcrumbs just to cover the surface of the meat.  I did not add anymore seasonings to the minced meat.  So shouldn't you  unless you like over-powering yucky meatballs.  Add all the mashed potatoes into the minced meat and mix them with your hands thoroughly.

Mix thoroughly.

And mix thoroughly again.

You're done.  Now make the meatballs into any shape and size you desire.

Fry them up.  I used a very small pot and could only do 4 balls at once.  That'll cut down oil usage as well as keep the mess down since I am not exactly a fan of after-cook washing.

You don't really need a sauce for these nice meatballs.  The reason I had sauce on them in the picture is that I had some leftover stew the previous night and I turned it into sauce. Haha.

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  1. Hi Nix, this is half a year late, but given my similar style of cooking learnt from no one else, I can imagine how lovely they'll taste.
    The stew gravy and the fried crisp, the mouth-filling mince with the mouth-flooding mash, all tasty just right!

    I also like using whatever I have at hand all together, and bring out the best possible flavours in them.
    I will likely not get any prizes (and don't want any), for cooking my own survival food, but it remains nutritious.
    As long as those around me fill themselves up well, that's all the happiness needed!

    So I believe it's the same for you!