Why did I create this blog?

I don't have a targeted audience.  I'm a nobody and just an average male Singaporean who did school, held normal jobs and lived life in the structural manner like most of the Singaporean folks of my generation.

I am in the middle of the biggest transition in my life.  I am currently jobless in Singapore, will be moving to Perth, Australia on 17 September 2011.  My wife is 5 months pregnant and we did not secure any jobs in Perth prior to moving.  

Our decision was bound to raise some eyebrows and indeed it did.  Friends, ex-colleagues, ex-bosses, relatives and family were in disbelief but the decision had been made and we were moving on. 

I thought it would be good for me to record my experience. Perhaps one day it will be a good source of information of other Singaporeans who may be walking a similar path.  Meanwhile, it will serve as a database for a klutz with short memory.


  1. A very interesting blog! Gd luck and have fun exploring your new life and surroundings. Gd to try out new things in a globalized world :)

  2. @thanks Munchy, how did u get here? :)

  3. You and your wife didn't secure any jobs prior to moving to Perth? So which visa did you guys apply for to move to Perth? Very nice blog btw...I share the same sentiments with you about Singapore. I will never wanna step back into that shit hole.

  4. Hi! Just wanna say I love your blog and admire your tenacity! This blog is such a great resource for those who aspire to do what you've done. Just curious why you've chosen to come on a work visa rather than applying for a PR..? All the best to you both, wishing Jen a lovely pregnancy journey :)

    A fellow Singaporean in Oz!

  5. @Joe: hmm. We went for the Perm.visa. I'm not sure why I gave people an anti Singapore feel. I love Singapore. I was a reluctant migrant and I still miss home cos my parents are still there. I just disbelieve in the current government and their vision, that's all.

    Yup we didn't secure jobs. Guess we were desperate to leave :)

    @A fellow Singaporean in Oz: Hi sister, as above, we did come on PRs. This blog could very well be a warning as well. I'm only here for 2 months plus, i could be (in some ppl's words) crawling back to Singapore to look for jobs in no time.

    Thanks from all 3 of us. Hope to see you again.

  6. i'm so so glad i found this blog (: new favourite blog, fersher.

  7. Hi your blog is really great... Informative, straight to the point and humorous. I have a sibling living in Perth and my husband and I are preparing to move over as well .. Excited, clueless but looking forward...

    Hopefully the next Singapore Perth-ian😉
    Take care!