Ah Nair - The Jester of Parliament

I received a few messages via whatsapp while I was grinding my life away at work. Something about someone wanted to sue someone - again. I replied, "Which PAP Minister/MP?" knowing that I had hit the bull eyes without even trying. Well in Singapore, who sues somebody and get the media to tell the whole world about it?

"Vikram Nair," came the reply.

*mind blank*

"Dark waters ah?" I asked.

"Yeah, yeah that fella!"

Who the hell is Vikram Nair? You Sembawang dwellers have to answer me that. Patrick, you lived in Sembawang right? Tell me how did this worm crawled in, by the water tank?

To know more about this Member of Parliament, this article is the first thing I read once I got home. Blah blah the usual crap aside, this is what caught my unforgiving, uncaring peasant eye;

OooOooOoooh so that’s REALLY what happened? Wow, I think jokes in parliament is worse than ANYTHING ELSE! Parliament can joke one ah? Who voted this joker into Parliament so that we can pay him a 5-figure monthly salary to joke around? Sembawang voters, please jump into the Strait of Tebrau. Lately we revealed one confused dog sitting amidst the crowd, then we discovered a Parliament Jester. What's going on?

I'm not a Worker's Party yuppie and I don't have a good impression of all the opposition parties in Singapore. But didn't the PAP vomit stuff about meritocracy every single day? Isn't this Chen Show Mao as elite as any of the turds sitting in Parliament where it comes to academic and career performances? Why isn't anyone listening to his plans. And then they sent this jester to clown around Ah Mao? Double standard for someone wearing a different colour? You should hear what some of the retards in white came out with previously. Stuff like "GST increase helps the poor"

I quote Mr Jester:

"I pointed out that the investment concept Mr Chen proposed did not appear to be properly thought through because he did not explain how it was going to be paid for. I fully support the helping of vulnerable groups. In fact, I specifically said I agreed that we should invest in social capital. And that is what is being done now. But we should be clear as to how we are going to pay for it and not pretend that the money will materialise from nowhere."

Do PAP members present their ideas in details always, all the time, every time? I doubt so. If there isn't an explanation about certain detail, is anyone going to bother asking? Not if it comes from an opposition MP of course. So without checking, Mr Jester deemed Ah Mao's concept as not properly thought through. Is that how does Parliament really works? 

What a joke.

I don't know which is funnier. Having a stand-up comedian in Parliament or the fact that he was voted into the Parliament in the first place?

So who's next after Dignity Lim, Facebook Low, Disgracefu, Confused Dog, Mr Please Cooperate, Chye Tow Kuay Chan and Parliament Jester? At this rate, we are going to fill WINNING ELEVEN by the end of the year.

Is what Mr Lee Kuan Yew meant by "Repent"? Painful.

You voted this guy into Parliament. Repent Sembawang!


  1. Do people still watch the budget debate nowadays?
    I think all the PAPies are thought and told to think that all recommendations from the oppositions ought to be shot down, one way or another.
    After few months, the PAPies will come out with something similar, and give credit to thenselves... hasn't this been happening quite frequently recently?
    Shoot down the proposal, wait for few months, re-emerge with a slightly tweaked proposal and claim credit for oneself. Yeah... PAPies win again..

  2. Hello, I did not vote for him !
    Hope I won't kena sue for saying this :)

  3. This is the joker who Kenna scold left right and centre while on a house visit in his ward, a resident conned his grassroots leaders that he wanted to heap praise on Mr Vikram when they knocked on his door but lo and behold when Nair appeared the resident let go a slew of vulgarities on him and lambasted him left right and centre! The grassroots were horrified! This fella is my hero and I hope to emulate him when 2016 comes along!

  4. problem is many wont repend....tats sad to say, who really will?In the end back to square 1...i give up on them, they like to be called "***" mah!

    ah pooh

  5. He looked like a new citizen turned pap mp?
    Did he serve NS and ICT?

  6. To add to your list, how about "Ask Finance Minister Khor"?

    In Parliament, Dr Amy Khor said the proposed budget addressed the problems of an increasing income gap in Singapore.

    She also refuted Workers Party MP Sylvia Lim's description of the budget being a "course correction" and said that the proposals are also meant to help the poor, citing the new GST vouchers which are aimed at helping to ease the cost of living for the low-income bracket.

    Low questioned her if the GST voucher scheme is the government's way to close the income gap and asked her to elaborate.

    Khor said the scheme is one of many measures designed to help the poor and that Low should ask for further clarification from the Finance minister instead.