Man With No Balls


When I saw that PM Lee is going to appear 'live' on TV to answer questions, I was ready to take back when I previously said [link] about him and admit that the PM has grown some balls.

To my disappointment (but not surprise), when I read further in the report, it goes: 

"Questions have been solicited from the public three weeks prior to the forum. 
The list is curated and members of the public are invited to vote on the issues they want Mr Lee to respond to."

What's the difference between a pre-recorded and a 'live' show if the PM three weeks to prepare for questions? It makes me wonder if Lee Hsien Loong is not the Prime Minister of Singapore, can he even handle a normal job interview?

Really, they even bothered to get the public to "vote". What's the point of voting for a list that is "curated"? How about if I ask you guys to vote between:

A) Oh, Mr PM! Do you know we love you?
B) Mr PM, do you know my buddy's wife wants your babies?

Nobody ever said life was easy. We'll never get to ask what we really want to ask, such as if the PM knows he is a fucking moron. I wonder if they will even bother to make it sound a tad harder for the PM. Maybe you can tune in to watch tomorrow evening if you want to get MC the next few days for bleeding eyes and ear drums. Really, why do they even bother to do this and spare us the misery of getting another cheap skit shoved down our throats. You can bet all your money the papers will plaster this over all the place declaring that, "The man answers questions! "Live"!" But when is the real man going to answer real questions? Ever.

I wonder the Prime Minister ever doubt if he is really living. In his orchestrated, beautiful virtual world, I doubt it. I hope he never ever discover the real world. Even for any unhappy Singaporean, it will be a sad sight to see an unshaven forlorn man drinking to his sorrows, singing, "I'm not an actor and I'm not a star. And I don't even have a lanpa."