2 Years of Perth

Two years ago on this day, an emotionally strained Singaporean man landed on Perth ground. The rigorous work routine awarded him with cancer. Mentally, he was finished. But perhaps the physical body knew something that he didn't. 

"Get out!" they cried.

Sometimes the calling from the mind wasn't just enough. Ever heard of the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak? A thought, a decision and even a dreadful vow does not hold water if the complete being does not synergize towards goal. Just take a smoker as an example. There are plenty of advantages quitting and none for not yet more smokers fail than succeed at quitting smoking. There are more issues beyond the awareness and educational level that we do not understand.

It takes a far louder voice from the body and soul to push one to move out far, far away from home than quitting smoking. Most migrants would have forgotten how they struggled with their emotions, rationality as well as conscience before making a leap. That was why he wrote.

Unlike most migrants, he didn't know what to expect from life outside the matrix. He had no mentor, no advisers of any sorts so he struggled. His friend was not wrong to point out he was an escapist who was weak and would not fight for a future that he craved for. He probably was, though the friend didn't turn out right either. The body and mind pushed him to do the impossible, to make a move he never dared imagine, as his biggest fight of his life back then. Because he needed it. It turned out to be a survival instinct. He would then spend the next two years recuperating in his wretched physical self, free from the familiar elements that wrecked his mind, body and soul. 

Two years was the goal set from the start. Perhaps it was time for another radical move for a new project. This has to be the beginning, not the end. It is the time for the phoenix to fly.


  1. so..it's been 2 years already, huh?!
    Time sure passes quickly in Oz.

  2. Your next radical move for a new project: fly back to sinkiepore. Because if you don't the island will suddenly and surely sink into nothingness.