Migrating with 3 Sons

My name is Jas. i'm a divorcee with 3 growing teenagers. We planning to migrate, however i need to knw how to go abt doing.
I've few concerns, may you help/guide me along?
  • I've 2 boys age 16yrs old (as of last Nov b'dae) and 13yrs olf (on this Apr b'dae), can i knw how n where do i hv to apply the bond/contract in S'pore (for boys who has not serve any NS-army has to pay a bond)..i also want to knw how much to pay for each of them?
  • How shld i start in arranging them (my 3 kids n myself) to go over to Sydney?
  • What are the documents needed?
  • Does my kids and myself need to sit for some English exams (e.g. OET or ILETS)?
Wishing you and your faimly a Happy Lunar New Year :)
Thank you and with best regards.

Notes from asingaporeanson: 

Hi Jas, I'm still extremely busy in Perth. So I'll keep this real short and I've also outsourced your email to Dangerous Deb, who has been in Australia since she was 16 years old. If anyone is qualified to give Singaporeans some insights, Dangerous Deb will be the woman. Read her reply below my notes.

Instruction A: Read this folder [migration] and this guide [guide]

1. If you are planning to let your sons go through NS, CMPB will be happy to help you with all your needs. If you have no plans to let them serve, don't bother contact CMPB or anyone at all.

2. Refer to Instruction A.

3. Passport, birthcerts, police clearance, health check cert, IELTs result, academic documents and money

4. The main applicant will sit for IELTs, dependent will sit on the free ride.

**Reply by Guest Blogger, Dangerous Deb

Dear Jas, 

First of all, happy Lunar New year to you and your family too. 

To get straight stuck into your queries, I would firstly like to say that the Australian culture is a pretty much DIY (do-it-yourself) one. This is not saying that you shouldn’t ask a mate for help after you get stuck, on the contrary, people are always willing to lend a hand and their time to you. However, before we get to that point, I would like to suggest to you that the questions you are posing to aSingaporeanson seem to be ones that you should be looking up for yourself – why should he go out of his way to research something that is solely relevant to you and your kids? 

My advice to you would probably to take a step back and go do your research thoroughly first. Don’t depend on someone else. If you’re coming here to stay you might as well get used to doing everything yourself. Then only when you get truly stuck, I (okay asingaporeanson) will welcome your questions. All the best with your migration journey.

Dangerous Deb


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  2. Why bother answering if someone who wants to migrate can't look for the information themselves? There is simply no excuse today in the age of the Internet.

    1. I second Dangerous Deb's and Anonymous' answers above. IMHO, if the applicant doesn't want to lift a finger to do some online search for answers, he/she should pay a migration agent several thousands for the paperwork to be done. Why should anyone work for free for a stranger?

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    3. But you are not helping her to develop self-feeding skills she need after she migrates when you spoon-feed her information she needs to find herself.

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    5. I understand what you wrote but the way she asked some of the questions she clearly did not do any research

      If you look up nix's blog top line there is the clickable link called SO YOU WANT TO MIGRATE? which guides you along for most simple questions like the one she asked (paperwork and English tests). Seriously I can accept the top 2 questions is for our opinion although it means nothing since it is clearly Govt rule which is easily found by googling.

      The rest is just plain laziness and I am surprised nix even bothers to post this.

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  3. From memory I tot 16 yo will be very hard to leave even if you can pay the bond.

    If you default, even if the bond is taken by SG government, doesn't mean the son can come back to SG freely. He will still be arrested and charged with desertion. No excuses. I got a friend who have to make sure he doesn't have a stopover at changi whenever he travels long distance.

    But then all these are old rules which as far as I know still valid. If jas or her 16 yo can write an email, they can also google themselves.

  4. There's a difference between giving a lame person a wheelchair, and putting an able bodied person on a sedan chair. But not everyone knows the difference..


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    2. please don t use vulgar words .. either replying or writing to disagree .. shows lack of good breeding.. the blog owner is trying to help.. my word of advice to all (being an australian pr for long time and tax payer) is if you want to take advantage of australian benefits and not contribute Australia don t need such kind of migrants. If you want to come here for your children's future and appreciate the way of life

  5. Goodness, do these people even know what is google?
    I am always willing to give a helping hand but a rule I go by is "I dont help those who dont help themselves."

  6. Visit this website - http://www.immi.gov.au or http://www.newzealandnow.govt.nz/ or http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/.

  7. Back in 1986, a family had to fork out S$100,000 to cover the bond for their 13y.o. son to get out of SG in order to pursue his studies in Oz.

    In 1990, another family took their 19y.o. son and fled for Oz without notifying CMPB. Big mistake! The boy or man now can never set foot in SG, although he is already a Singapore citizen, not even in transit.

  8. Typo: should read Australian citizen.

  9. Hi Jas,

    For your 2 sons' NS liability problem, you may refer to below website for more details.


    As your elder son is nearing enlistment age, it might be difficult for him to obtain an exit permit (even for the bond-free period of 1 year 364 days, i.e. less than 2 years). For him it would be better if he can serve is full time NS before moving on to Australia.

    For your younger son, perhaps you can try applying for a 1 year 364 days exit permit which does not require a bond. After which you may either obtain a deferment or ask him come back & serve.

    There are several forums with threads on this topic, you might want to google around as this is a potentially tricky issue.

    For your other questions, I believe it has been well answered by @A Blessed Singaporean.

  10. I will advise you that your two sons should serve the NS although the purpose of NS is now debatable. At least, they have another passport in case they need it.