Ang Jia Qin, I Bought Some Pizzas for You, 吃到你 laosai

You are finally going to be here. We bought 2 flavours, Hawaiian and Supreme. Enough for 2.5 of you to eat one per day of your stay. Also push our bed to the guest room for you to sleep because I am worried you will not be able to get up at night with your big tummy sleeping on the floor and end up peeing or laosai on my carpet. So you better be touched. I'll meet you tomorrow at the airport with Stargazer our family limo, because you are VIP.

On a seperate note, for pizza eaters... I received a tip off from my Singapore agent TT0106, who confirmed that frozen pizzas are more expensive in Singapore.

Do the sums

Perth pizzas - $3 for 500gm
Singapore pizzas - $9.90 for 480gm (2 x 240gm)

I know one swallow does not a summer make but you can continue to think living in Australia is way more expensive than Singapore if you like it.


  1. Please... I have tried those frozen ones from Woolies and Coles... really CMI...

    Make your own.. or buy from Dominos. As cheap or cheaper, and tastes waaaay better.

    1. We make our own all the time. It's nice.
      I'm wondering how can make it the frozen ones are in Singapore though. If taste is about as shitty, then pound for pound, it's costlier shit.

    2. Wah, I know the Singapore brand doesn't tast good and even less for value, but doesn't mean the woolies brand is any better even if cheaper.

      I know u are not rich, but lagi you place cannot be that siong unit rite?

      Mr (or Ms) Ang with a big tummy, don't worry I guarantee you won't get laosai with woolies frozen pizza becoz very hard to get diarrhoea from eating cardboard with tomato paste.

  2. My favourite frozen pizza is Dr Oetker. Definitely cheaper here (in Metro Vancouver) than in Singapore.

    But cannot compare liddat lah, pizza is ang-moh food, in ang-moh country should be cheaper mah!

  3. Have you considered making your own pizzas? It is actually quite easy. Buy the ready made pizza base from supermarket and add all the ingredients that you want, pop it in the oven. (If there is meat, make sure you cook the meat first before adding it on the pizza) You can also decide if you want a thin crust. It is really more yummy.