Waking Up at 4am: Day 3

Working on a Sunday brought back unhappy memories in Singapore. Someone who was into spiritual and zen stuff told me that clutter is bad for our lives. I fully agree with him because I feel really pissed off whenever my environment is cluttered. Most of us don't realise it and learn to live with it. Living with it is simply an act of acceptance but by no means we are better off with it. For eg, people will come to terms with eating Fukushima seafood and there will be a day when it doesn't bother them anymore. But that doesn't mean health isn't compromised.

While I love living with less, my spouse was the polar opposite and from the way it looks I am fighting a losing battle. However, the zen master told me that mental clutter is much worse than physical clutter. I knew I was something who hate confined spaces and clutter but that was something new. "Mental clutter," he said, "can bring forth physical sickness and diseases and even drive a man beyond his sanity." Many of us were shrugging off too many issues that bother us mentally. In truth many of these little niggles remain in a corner of of minds, snowballing, multiplying like cancer cells.

In a nutshell, I will make sure the next Sunday I will be working on will be a long, long time from this day unless I finally decide to embark on my life-dream of starting my own business.

We were even more productive than the previous day because I decided to do a 'stand-by-bed' with all the crates we were handling in the car park, since not a single neighbouring company opened for business. With that, we were able to find our items a lot faster and our forklift could move around with ease with the additional space freed up.

Imagine the possibilities with space in the broader sense of the word. 

Think of the bigger picture. 

Dream ... and follow it.

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