Singapore Revisited Log 5.8: Fancy Shit

There is something about Singapore I just cannot get over. That isn't to say the phenomenon does not occur in Perth. Of course it does but to a much lesser extent. 3 years on, nothing has improved. If anything, the situation has degenerated to a state where we are almost living life as an avatar. That we find there is an absolute need to follow the norm, and be the norm, despite how irrational the herd can be.

Many of us cannot even convince ourselves that we are holding our jobs because it is close to our calling or at least something we honestly enjoy doing on day to day basis. Sure, passion cannot eat. Dreams cannot eat. Loyalty cannot eat. Love cannot eat. To most Singaporeans, the most important thing is to eat. As a Singaporean, of course I can understand that. What we don't understand is that we make enough to eat and even feed our children. Yet we need to grab the highest paying job because there are other cravings to fulfill beyond flesh hunger.

We need to hold that grand $80,000 wedding. 
We need a $40,000 renovation for our new HDB flat.
We need that $150,000 new car.
We need a 5 room flat although we don't intend to have children, because we invite folks to stay over at times.

The key to justifying these is that is the norm. Everybody is doing this. So much so a working lady's handbag cost more than the car that drives me to work everyday in Perth. We need a $4,000 massage chair at home because working hard at work makes our muscles hard. We need a to spend a few thousands on vacations a year because work is too stressful. We need that kettle, hey that fanciful cute one that cost triple the conventional one. Yuck conventional. Pui, I cannot be seen using that!

That is why we need that job. 
Or that two jobs. 
To fuel these fancy shit.
So that we will end up as poor as the people who seek their dreams. And rot in hell in a same pile of dirty bones.

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