Singaporean Youngster Considers Studying in Australia

My own tips for young Singaporeans who may be considering living in Australia after doing their studies:


You are allowed 20 hours per week for work during your school term (no limit during holidays). So work. Having said that, you don't have to work so many hours if you don't need to. School work is important and that is your primary purpose here, not partying or chasing girls. Besides earning some handy pocket money, the idea of working for somebody is to know where you stand as an employee. Be sure to ask the boss if he or she is pleased with your work performance (even if it is as simple as delivering pizza). If the answer is a resounding 'yes', never fail to ask the golden question, "Will you hire me after I graduate from school?" If the boss doesn't appear too keen, try again at the next job. If you keep getting negative responses, you may want to consider returning and standing up for Singapore.


They say being a tourist and actually living in a place can be two different worlds. To a certain extent, a student is similar to being a student. If you decided to stick to your course mates and do 'university students things', you'll end up learning very little about the place. Remember, you are not going to be a student forever. If you are planning to work, settle down with someone and have kids, you better make sure you know how this country runs outside your cosy university hostels.

Talk to people

I can't do shit like that but that doesn't change the fact that it will do you a world of good. I once knew a Bangladeshi who started as a construction worker when he first came to Singapore. Due to the fact that he was chatty, he found himself talking to someone idly watching the traffic on an overhead bridge in Singapore. They extended that chat in a cafe and it turned out that the guy was holding a high position in an MNC and offered him a supervisor job. An average worker like that could end up working decades in Singapore without getting an opportunity like that. 

I am not implying that we should have a motive when knowing someone new. Don't get this the wrong way. What I was driving at was you cannot expect to get fished hiding in a shell. That goes the same as meeting your life partner, for those who are seeking. 

Save money

It is almost impossible to save money as a student. I know that. What you should be mindful of is not to spend it on meaningless things, such as sharing a birthday present for every fuckard out there you cannot even spell their names properly. Etc. It is very easy to forget you are on a mission, you will but you shouldn't. Once the party is over, everyone will go separate ways. You will be left with a few worthy friends who appreciates you for who you are if you are lucky. I doubt that was because of your part in their birthday presents.

You need the money for more important issues. If you cannot figure it out now, just save as much as you can anyway until you can.

Be open minded

If you are going to whine about ice cream and Asians, you are going to have a very hard time. Who has time for all these crap, really? If you want to achieve big things in life (not your boy scout badges or promotions in civil service), you have to have a big heart. If you don't, then start growing it by getting rid of small minded thoughts. The world has enough of petty men wearing petticoats so be different. The only person in the world that can upset you is yourself. If you don't allow it, no one can touch you. You will not be moved and that is how you can survive anywhere with confidence.

Never forget this.