Consecutive >40°C Summer Day 1

Today is Lunar New Year Day 1. It is a big day in Singapore for the Chinese to munch of square barbecue pork slices. To those in Perth though, it is time to be barbecued.

Fortunately, I do not work in the open like the bricklayer fellows. Working in the open under the beautiful blue skies with the best air quality you can ask for during those 9 cool months may be super er... cool, but bad Summer weeks can be challenging to deal with. The key word is bad. In all honesty, there are some Summer weeks that are easily cooler than the average Singapore hot day. Summer isn't that terrible throughout.

I work in a factory. So instead of feeling like a roasted pig over an open flame, it feels like being roasted in the oven. It cooks me slower I guess. On the bright side, I notice the body going through similar changes like a slab of meat in oven - water loss and fats melting. Since we can replenish water by drinking (water not beer) consistently, the fat melting part is an unexpected benefit of these shitty Summer days. Though my belly still spill over, my pants feel a tad looser this week. It doesn't restrict my breathing anymore. Hopefully it isn't the just the expansion of my pants due to heat. This is almost an effortless way to slim down, by doing nothing exceptionally different. 

As usual, the weather forecast is too optimistic. Since this is my fifth Summer in Perth, I am wise enough to know a breakout of at least 2°C higher than the "highest" temperature is possible. It is very common during heat waves in Summer. There is a lot of hoo-hah over the media about this Summer and the records it has broken since.

There are going to be 2 (or possibly 3) more days like that. I came home feeling like spending a full day playing beach volleyball during those younger days in Singapore. Eyes felt sore, skin nothing as dark but nonetheless hot and burning. I could fall asleep the moment I shut my eyes. I thought of leaving an egg and a piece of bacon in the car the next day for an unexpected lunch (I don't lunch) at work. If only I can store those energy of this heat somewhere....