Consecutive >40°C Summer Day 3

I worked alone in the warehouse on Wednesday. My wife has been throwing remarks like, "I am no octopus," to lament how hard it has been to take care of 2 kids (3, because she likes to count me as one) at home. If only it was possible to show her an 8-hour film to demonstrate what it was like to be an "octopus", at break neck pace, no less.

Though it was hectic as well as damn hot, Wednesday felt a little better than the previous two days of 42°C. The fever that Albany suffered from on Monday caused her to develop a nasty bout of thick hives all over her body, even on her eyelids! By Wednesday, the hives had more or less cleared out and we had finally gotten her fever under control. With a heavy load off the mind, the physical tests at work seemed a lot easier to handle. Besides, there was Thursday to look forward to. The weather forecast confirmed that the temperature would finally return to a more forgiving range.

A lot of thoughts went through my mind as I worked these days. However, I was simply not in a condition to blog. Those who emailed me, please accept my apologies. I promise to reply your email when I can, special mentions to Louise, Anita and Veronica of the Atlanta.

With 3 consecutive peaks of 42°C, the uncomfortable 35°C days seems a lot easier to manage. It almost felt ... cooling. Summer will be over soon. The big project that will keep me terribly busy will be coming at a great timing. I expect more merciful weather as I grind out the results that I need. Finally, I have found someone who trust me enough to let me do painting, flooring, paving and other miscellaneous work. Autumn will be the time to toil and learn. To learn - that keeps me feeling alive. I will be looking forward.