Albany's Old Kitchenette

"It should delight another girl," claimed the advertisement.

Kitchenette from Silent Hill
Within 20 seconds, the advertisement was gone. It was free and it could delight a girl, should I expect otherwise?

I managed to catch hold of the seller's number before the ad was gone. I sent a message expressing my interest anyway. By the end of the day, I received a phone call from the seller.

"It is still available. When can you come today?" No sorry, Madam. I had already reached home, there was no way I would go through that peak hour traffic to Fremantle to pick that up and sacrifice my family time.

"I'll do it tomorrow morning before work," I offered.


At 5.30am, I was outside her place figuring out how to fit that into my car. It was bigger than what I imagined it to be. The real problem was, it was filthy like hell. More like a nightmare for another girl. I wondered for a while if that was why the first buyer stood the seller up. Still, a free item was a free item. Singaporean Mum, M, exclaimed when she saw the picture I sent her, "Wah, just buy from Ikea lah, $100 only. This kind maybe got bugs."

Hmm. Ok. Some advertisements did appear on some websites I go to after the conversation, confirming that Whatsapps is definitely selling information of our conversations to clients.

To be fair to "Kitchenette from Silent Hill", none of these models shown in the advertisements (left) are comparable in terms of functionality. Kitchenette from Silent Hill was dual faced, meaning you could play it from both sides. It was also higher and bigger than some of those models. Miss V - the only encouraging person regarding this - told me how much she loved that retro version compared to the modern ones. Ok, I admit it wouldn't cost more than $200 to buy a similar used model in decent condition, if I could find someone selling it in Perth in the first place.

Anyway, that wasn't the point. If I promised someone I would collect it, I would. I had to either dump it somewhere else if I found it unsuitable or restore it so that it might actually delight a girl. In this case, my daughter.

As if I didn't already have enough on my hands, I decided to try to restore it to usable condition. I told Singaporean Mum, that would be my ticket to heaven, since I was saving Earth, while sinful people like her consumes. >:)

It was surprisingly lotsa work. A rusty steel circular hollow. Rust removed and sprayed white later on. A broken clock hand to replace. New wheels were installed in placed for that dodgy old one and another gone missing. Components was taken apart to be cleaned, repaired and disinfected before assembling again. I took it home and Jen said she could do another clean as well as repair some of the tiny component that was worn or lost. By weekend she added a sink and I added a missing shelf in the oven compartment. All that was left was a tap, which I would find something suitable when I have the time.

surprisingly thick layer of rust to take off

cleaning is not my kind of thing but everything was taken off for a thorough one

dressing things up
The kitchenette has dual-faced functions. Jen has added the towel rod and sink later on (not shown)

The Al-fresco Cafe, opening soon

Albany was delighted and fussed over her kitchenette. I asked her specifically if she mind it being obviously pre-owned. She didn't mind it a bit. Perhaps little kids have less expectations compared to the adults. Who are the real spoilt brats, I wonder? Maybe watching how both her parents put in so much effort in refurbishing it, she saw it differently? It may not be possible to dissect the thoughts of a 4 year old cleanly.

The reason why I am writing this is that I hope one day my daughter grows up to read and understand the intentions behind my effort to transport, dismantle, repair, clean and upgrade a toy that I can easily splash the cash to obtain while drinking tea at home. You wouldn't have guess the pissed poor peasant of Perth could actually afford it, would you? I may be able to buy the toy, but not the opportunity to tell my child a story. I hope she will receive this message one day in the further future.

Daddy will go the full lengths for her, with or without easier options available. If she is to find a man to take care of her in future, he shall be one who caters to her actual needs and not a mindless diamond splasher. If the man is unwilling to walk the miles for her like her dad, he is not worth it.

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