Judy Returns to Singapore

The house felt a little quiet without her presence. It took a few days to get used to it. Judy had gone back to Singapore and our family is alone once more. She was the first guest to occupy the room at the furthest corner of the house. Though she would not be the last, the room felt empty for now. After 6 months living with her, even my daughter and baby had gotten used to her presence like she was an additional family member. For 6 months, Judy had kept us engaged on interesting anecdotes. Although she decided to pull the plug from the initial 1-year project, she told me she gained a lot of friends and incredible experiences and memories.

Judy's car looked desolated outside. She had decided keep it and would return yearly to drive it for her road trips. I promised her to do a car servicing for her in the coming month and would start the car once in a while to keep it from turning into junk. It felt a little sad when I see the stranded car every morning. The ex-Chef de Tampines currently hatching his plan in Tasmania agreed that Judy should have persisted. Two to three years would be a better time frame to see sprouting shoots. Opportunity costs have no place in the pursuit of a worthy goal, especially when that might be the only shot left. However, every individual is burdened with different constraints, as well as limitations. They were not exactly in a do-or-die situation or as desperate as some of us to leave - at all cost. Moreover, life in Singapore isn't bad. There are many who continue living fine lives and driving satki cars.

I had nothing but thanks to Judy. It might not be that apparent but on retrospect, her presence during one of the more challenging periods we face was invaluable. Fat boy was young and that extra torso to give out the hugs really helped heaps. When she told us she felt that she received a lot of care and love from us instead, I was amazed. With someone like me that difficult to get along in the household, we were fortunate our stars seemed to align. Off Judy, we also learnt a great deal on running a household better. We will miss her but we haven't seen the last of her in Perth for sure, though future visits will likely to be of vacation rather than reconnaissance nature.

I believe her family had enough of strawberry picking. Unfortunately for them, Summer comes late this year so they cannot get their hands on amazing local grown grapes. Perhaps next Autumn for some wax-free apples? The guest room will always be open for them - until Lex's move to Perth next May that is. Till then, even you can come bunk in with me. Applications are open for adventurers.

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