Double Demerit Points

I saw the double demerit points notice on the highway today. Ah. A public holiday is coming. I didn't expect this at all. I remembered telling myself I wouldn't have a public holiday until the Christmas period. That's a little cruel, considering the last one seems to be quite a few months back. The perks of being a muddle head is that we get silly surprises like this. Nothing beats being told about an unanticipated public holiday.

There are only 10 public holidays in Western Australia. That works out to be just 2% of the year, a rate low enough to be considered a rarity to me. So every public holiday will be thoroughly cherished, just like what it had been in Singapore, which happens to have exactly ten 10 days of public holidays if I remember correctly. The 11th public holiday which everyone is looking forward to remains a rumor or could be a one-time thing even if it happens.

The traffic police in Western Australia gives holidayers double demerit points for traffic offences not just on the actual public holiday but also the day before and after. Sometimes it could last as long as a whole week, if there are back to back holidays or whenever they feel like it, probably. That's really a strong intent to show the public that they mean business in enforcing public traffic safety and revenue raising. Not too long ago, some guy was even fined [link] for exceeding the speed limit on his bicycle. Fortunately, as fierce as the WA traffic police are, I have yet to hear stories about them offering to help pay your fine on the spot at a discounted rate.

So today the drive on the highway was even more pleasant than before. Even the rare asshole who loves to smell carbon-monoxide farts of the guy in front either did not turn up for work today or chose to drive like a gentleman to protect his pocket. Really, I will be keen to drive on a double demerit day if they implement that in Singapore. It will probably filter out the piss poor bad drivers from the rich brats who will buy off someone to take their demerit points off them later. Remember, we live to do things not to get caught. We will only care about road safety when the other guy cares first - which will never happen.

I wonder if traffic police works during Summer. What a shitty experience that must be, pointing that svelte camera motionlessly in that fervent 40 degrees Celsius with flies getting in your eyes and ears. Don't get me wrong, I am not a chooser but there are better ways to make money. Have a good holiday Perth people. Meanwhile, I better watch my speed limit driving that fork lift in the factory You'll never know who's pointing at you in stealth mode.

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  1. Hi there.

    Maybe WA police force work on a lower tech budget but NSW police cars have 360 degree scanners that look at license plate of every car within range plus in-car fixed laser speed cameras.

    They can sit the air-conditioned police car without breaking a sweat. Dont you worry about their welfare....

    For scanner and car equipment details see

    BTW Christmas New period double demerit point usually 8-9 days (Since actual days between 25 Dec and 1st Jan inclusive is 7 days)