PM Lee: Singaporeans Reluctant to Work Abroad

Lan jiao!~ Jiao lang gong jiao wei. Oh asingaporeanson, do you have to use vulgar language online? Children might read you know.

What the fuck else does the fucking PM Lee deserve? This fuck-tard just told 600 business leaders over an anniversary dinner that "Singaporeans don't always go as readily as their employers would like them to." As usual, he has nothing good to say about Singaporeans. What do you expect business leaders to do after hearing these crap from our own Prime Minister? Hire Singaporeans? Isn't it a while ago, the other PM call us quitters for roaming out of Singapore? Now this PM is bashing their beloved stayers. Never easy to be Singaporean.

First, let's put the facts down. Why don't PM Lee response to our Doctor friend in Melbourne why the government sabotage their own home grown doctors? Why don't PM Lee enlighten Singaporeans why Singaporeans are not allowed to apply for Work-Holiday Visa in Australia but people from countries such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia and Thailand are. Or are we happy to assume Australia hates Singaporeans and it has nothing to do with our government? Perhaps the PM can tell us why he refuses to allow dual-citizenship like India, which encourages the horde of Indians roaming overseas to work.

Let's put aside what the government did or didn't do for now. Tell me, which of you Singaporeans are reluctant to work abroad? Where did the PM get his impression that Singaporeans are unwilling? From Singstats or his secretary's pet dog? Tell me the heaps of heaps of emails I received from people asking me how to get out of Singapore are hantus or fragments of imaginations from the mist. Tell me the brick layer I met here who refused to go home despite not having a proper resident visa for many years is actually not Singaporean but Martian.

What else does the PM enjoy telling hundreds of business leaders? That Singaporeans are unwilling to work long hours, get their hands dirty or not street-smart? Where do you think employers get their ideas that foreigners like Pinoys are better than Singaporeans? Thanks Mr PM. Who needs enemies when we have a PM like you?