Plan A vs Plan B

I’ve been doing a lot of research over the past half year, and have been thinking myself into a loop, so I’m reaching out to you for advice from the ground. I understand you’re busy, and in no way obligated to reply – would very much appreciate your time and effort! :)
I have nine years of working experience that can be somewhat classified as “copywriter” if I have to. If I’m a little optimistic, I can score 85 points now. However, I understand that there’s a certain quota for each job on the CSOL list, and I also read that Australia’s star is fading a little. My kind of jobs (communications, copywriting, web editing etc) are usually the first to go and highly competitive, so I was wondering if it’d be better if I go for Plan B.
That Plan involves me going for my Master’s in early childhood in 2014. By the time I get to apply for PR after I graduate in 2016, I would have 70 points (I’ll be in another age bracket, plus lack of relevant experience), assuming points system remains the same.
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Hi Zi,

I am not sure if I interpreted your questions concerns correctly. So I hope what I can offer is relevant to you.

First, if you are applying for a work visa, then it is understood that you will have to take up a job relevant to what you qualified for because your work visa is tied to your expertise. (at least, initially). Since you mentioned the points system, I take it as you are looking at the Permanent Resident visa. If you are able to chalk up 85 points, you are qualified and will probably get your application approved without much issues. The PR visa entitles you unlimited entrance and length of stay and you are permitted to work in Australia. However, it does not restrict you from working in the same industry as you initially qualified yourself during your PR applications. So you are free to drive a bus or be a park ranger or whatever jobs you are able to land yourself.

I don't think very well of your Plan B, if we are thinking along the line of qualifying for the Australian PR. Any plan that reduces your chances is a SHITTY plan. If you are thinking about career prospects or pursuing your interest instead, don't let anything stop you. 

I find it contradicting that you are planning to come to Australia despite knowing that its star is fading. Do enlighten me what is in your mind regarding this.



  1. 85 points if "optimistic".

    Doesn't sound like it will really be 85 points then.

    60 is enough, but it will need to be backed up by IELTS (not an issue for a copywriter, that I'm very sure), and accreditation from the relevant Australian authority. Everything needs to be substantiated and verifiable by the DIAC.

    I wish you all the best in your journey. And yes I'd second what Nix has said about Plan B.

    Btw, fees just went up for both PR and Work Visa. Bummer :/

    - S

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  3. Hey! Thanks for the quick reply! I was volunteering last night, so couldn’t get down to a reply.
    Yikes, I’m afraid I was less than clear in my email, I should’ve just said I’m planning to go for the 190 visa (Skilled - Nominated (subclass 190) visa) with Plan A.
    I went through the occupations list for the various regions, and found that only two are looking for copywriters. Im sure there are hundreds, if not thousands, of copywriters aspiring to move to Australia. Do you think Plan A is still more feasible than Plan B? The early childhood sector (which is a real dream, not just a stepping stone) is in great demand for teachers. They also have other related positions. I’ll score a 0 in terms of job experience, but I can chalk up points for studies in Australia, and for the regional nominated occupation.
    “Direct experience” – I have an assorted array of editorial positions. Would VETASSES consider them relevant as well?
    Neurotic Ramblings – 60, including IELTS… Thanks for your well wishes. Good luck to you too! Do you and your partner have a blog under the same name? great stuff there!
    On Australia..well, I think it’s faring much better than Singapore… And at the end of the day, what we call a “nation”, a “country” is very personal too, ya?
    Thanks, all!

    1. Dude.. if early childhood is your dream then why not get your PR first then get your masters in Aust? PR is getting harder and harder to obtain day by day.. but the masters program for early childhood is probably not as popular as immigration.

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  5. Thanks for all the encouragement for Plan A!

    I'm not going to do Early Childhood in Singapore. I was planning to do it in Australia.

    I think I shall aim for 190. Er, now I have follow-up questions. The demand for copywriters/ writers is generally low among the territories.

    1. Can a web editor role be considered as a copywriter?
    2. Will VETASSESS accredit my other roles, since all of them involves writing copy?
    3. Ive come across people saying if one gets 60 points, one doesnt have to rely on points from work experience. The NSW application form also wrote "if you're relying on points from work experience". DOes this mean that I DONT have to have the experience??

    (btw, i love the way you select pics for each blog post)

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  7. 1 and 2 - Not yet. I didn't think they field questions, and was planning to ask a migration agent.

    3 - yea, that's the weird part that I dont get.

    Now, 1hr of research later, I realise only Canberra wants someone like me.

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    1. hey, thanks. work + volunteering have taken up my time.pardon the delay.
      I've read it before. my case is a little special (twisting career path + occupation as writer), so I need special advice. am talking to agents now, but I'm worried:
      1. Near-complete lack of online chat about writers applying for visa - why?
      2. If that's the case, then agent could have very little experience in writers' applications. Perhaps there's no chance in the first place! Unsure if the 4k++ of agent fees would go to waste...