Aussie Slangs

I used to drive an ex-colleague back home during rainy nights because he cycled to work. That was the previous job and when I lived in Huntingdale. The man was a rough looking Aussie, stout, stocky with 2 front teeth missing. He used to call my Nixie, to my amusement. I used to think Aussies like to shorten terms so that they are faster and easier to use but I was only half right.

There are situations where a term is shorten such as "Tassie" for "Tasmania" but it doesn't make sense to change "Breakfast" to "Brekky" because both words are two syllabus and more so increasing the syllabus from 1 to 2 for a simple name such as "Nix" to "Nixy". Sometimes it is a form of endearment. I took that as a mate recognition code and returned it by calling him "Lukie" They take it serious the same way Singaporeans love their acronyms. Drive along the streets you'll see the official "Brekky" signage outside most Hungry Jacks restaurants.

Unlike the acronyms, which is really easy to slap on anything that is long enough to annoy Singaporeans, some names be can really awkward to shorten using the Australia method. Such as

Naim (real name of my colleague) - "Amy"
Rahmat (real name of my colleague) - "Mati" (die)
Angelo (Italian) - "Angie" or "Lollie". Both way you're fucked.
Matsu (Japan) - "Suzy"
Sid (English) - "Seedy"
Ka Fatt (Singapore) - "Fatty"
Gernot (German) - "Notti"
Alcock (Australia) - "Cocky"

Just for jest. Of course we'll call someone Al instead of Cocky. Just like how we like to call the Duchess of the Brook Meow instead of Sally. These may seem very trivial but as a migrant to Australia, you better learn some of these. When I was looking for replacement car after my accident, one of the used car owner sent me a text reply instructing me to "Meet me at Applecross Maccas" and I had a hard time figuring that out. Just imagine how annoying I would be if I asked her for the address.

So before long, you'll come across some of these simple ones.

Avo: Afternoon
Evo: Evening
Satdee: Saturday
Sundee: Sunday
Smoko: Cigartte break or just a break
Sickie: A day off work calling in sick
Chrissy: Christmas
Break-up Day: Last day of school. Not breaking up with your boyfriend.
Cheers: Thanks
Ta: Thank you
You right?: Do you need help?
Sparkie: Electrician
Brickie: Brick layer
Ambo: Ambulance Driver
Journo: Journalist
Pom/Pommey: Person from England
Bikie: Member of motorcycle gang
Pollie: Politician
Rego: Car Registration
Barbie: BBQ
Ute: Utility vehicle/Pick up
Woolies: Woolworths Supermarket
Chemist: Pharmacy
Chook: Chicken
Mozzie: Mosquito

Can you guess what are the meanings for the following?

1. Happy little vegemite
2. Dummy
3. Lolly Water
4. Boil the Billy
5. Carbie
6. Comby
7. City of Lights
8. Tucker
9. Joey
10. Woofer

Like our Singlish terms, it will  probably take a lifetime of learning. Feel free to contribute some of the Aussie slangs you know.


  1. ha ha u forgot.. Maccas - Mac Donalds lol

  2. Doona = Quilt

    Cuppa= Cup of tea

    Biro= Ball-point pen (Biro is a brand name)

    Texter= Marker pen (Another brand name)

    Roundabouts= traffic circle

    Lights= traffic lights

    Chockie or Choc= Chocolate

    Chockers or Chock-a-block= Congested/ Blocked


    And for old timer migrants like me I still like to surf and

    In some states/ regions/older australians: Dinner = Lunch, Tea/ Supper = Dinner time (newcomers need to clarify locally)