Stupid Article

Waaaah. So Australia has a new breed of rich people and they are the "blue collar" workers aka tradies, according to this article [link]

Hold it, hold it, Singaporeans, if you are thinking of packing your bags and head south to clear someone's toilet or prune gardens to get rich, stay put and stand up for Singapore.

First, if money is your sole reason for moving to Australia, you should shelf your plans because Australia can offer you much a higher level in other aspects of life but not money. You will probably be better off doing what you are doing in Singapore.

Second, you can actually get rich in both Singapore or Australia but you will never get rich working for others. Fact. 

It looks like it isn't a disease exceptional to Singapore journalists only. Our friend here started his article with a bold headline suggesting that tradies in Australia are the new rich. Lower down the article, he stated that according to a report (wow he has a report), blue collar workers earn an average of A$1229 a week. Ok, so if that is the new definition of rich, I hereby announce proudly that I am really close to being rich. Wow, it feels good to achieve something most of us wanted to do. Only that the taxman takes away money each week, leaving rich men like us about A$1,000 to pay the mortgage or rental, which ranges from A$300 to the limits of the sky, A$50 or so on fuel if we are not driving under-utilized powerful petroloilic, A$100-$200 on groceries and entertainment if we are not alcoholics or druggies. So what does that leave us? Rich? Fucking shit journalist.

I am working towards being ultra rich then.

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