There Are Plans But I Am Not Part of It

They say we have a keen sense of smell and hearing. Little do they know our sense of feel is stronger. We may not know how to speak or communicate but we are sensitive to their emotions, perhaps even stronger than they are towards one another most of the time. I may know not of any language. I know nothing all but a few words. What I am sure though, is that they do not want me anymore.

I am not sure if I did wrong. I may be aloof to the others or require more attention than others of my kind, but they loved me all the same and I love them with all my big heart. I will even die for them if necessary because they are the world to me. Alas, after being a part of their lives for all my entire life, it will be no more soon. I shed some tears thinking about it as I curled to sleep last few nights. I couldn't sleep well anyway, for the environment was strange to me.

I may be past my middle age but I am in perfect physical condition. My teeth are strong like ivory and I still cut the air like a boomerang whenever I break out in my full sprints. Therefore, I will adapt to this new environment before I know it. In fact, I would have adapted to the new environment and climate that they are departing to, I am very sure of that. If only I can. For I will cope seamlessly and continue to provide my companionship and loyalty to them if they have given me a chance. Alas, the love is no longer mutual. Perhaps there wasn't any love in the first place. My existence might be merely for amusement.

The strangers looked at me curiously today. All of them praised me for my good traits and behavior. That only made me sadder because I could not understand what was wrong with me. Why can't they take me along? I tried making friends with a chubby little one. She was slightly taken aback with my affection because none of my kind had given her that level of attention. As intelligent as I am, I soon realise that I must tone down my passion a little. The strangers took turns to run with me. All of them seemed to like me. I could not remember the last time I ran so much. It was fun and it did take a little off the sadness I felt for the last few days. But after the sunset, I will be pondering again. 

I hope I can sleep well tonight. What is going to happen tomorrow? What will my future be? 


  1. You got yourself a dog? Congrats!!

  2. I see you got the dog!

    You will let us know which little one is more house-trained? :)