Seeking the Brickie

Hi Nix,

Good day to you. I've been an ardent reader of your blog and wanted to say thank you for sharing your thoughts on life in Perth and issues facing Singapore so candidly. I hope your family is well and your treatment is coming along well.

Your recent post on moving pavers for Steph was the reason that inspired me to write to you. 

I studied for 2 years in Perth back in 2005 and got a business degree from Murdoch Uni. I was working a few months there but had to return to Singapore as my father had a heart bypass and needed me to come back to help him recuperate. So in 2007 I left Perth and came back to SG and joined the rat race in Singapore while my father recovered. He is much better now and healthier. Since then I always harboured my dreams of going back to Perth but with all the recent changes in migration rules, my degree and my course of work (marketing) became irrelevant in the SOL list. I had buried my dreams of going back as I got sucked into the daily toil of living and working in Singapore.

I got married in 2010 and this June I became the father of a beautiful baby girl. And ever since I held onto her, I cannot help but think of the childhood and future I can give her here in Singapore. As a result, I have been considering of any way to going back to Australia and recently read about taking on an apprenticeship in a trade industry. My brother who also studied in Perth just recently got his PR last year. The smart chap did a Accountacy degree so he's doing well for himself there.

I understand Steph did some course with SilverTrowel (saw his testimonial in a YouTube video here : - 0:42 secs) and I wanted to know if you could help link me up so that I can ask him some questions with regards to the trade industry in Perth. Any help will be much appreciated.

Ultimately, I'm willing to step out of my "cushy" office cubicle and work hard to get a better future for my family and I hope this can be a first step in the right direction.

Thank you Nix.



Hi J.J,

Congratulations on your baby girl. She should be crawling around by now. I understand what might have been running through your mind regard her future. It has always been a debatable topic, as some of us came to Australia to allow their children to go through a more holistic education but there are some who feel that the education system in Singapore will give their children a stronger foundation and are contemplating going back. (at least for a few years) Since you are not new to Australia, I suppose you know what you are doing so I will not discuss this further.

I'm surprised an account of my Saturday labour can inspire someone to write to me. Of course, I know the star of the story isn't me but Stephen, whose inspiring migration story too had me in awe. I attached Steph's contact at your request, check your email.

Today, I met a young Malaysian chap who is working as a bricklayer. Upon his graduation in his course, he found an employer who was willing to sponsor him for his working visa (subclass 457). His intention is to work hard and stay long enough in Australia so that he can try his luck to apply for a Permanent Resident Visa when/if he is eligible in future. Bear in mind there is no guarantees for this route but people have came through before. If this is what you are thinking of, you must be mentally prepared for a rough time. After all, the profession is physically demanding.

Good luck bro. Maybe I will hear from you again.


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  1. Hi JJ, your circumstance is very similar to mine (95% I would say). Did you have a PR after the study which enable you to work for the few months prior to coming back? Regards Vincent