Unusual Christmas Week

The boss walked in late this morning, looking like a despondent lobster. He confided that his annual fishing trip down south ended with unprecedented low yield. I nodded sadly and told him it was probably the weather. The crabbing outing I was invited to told me so. We went home with nothing that afternoon. According to the wise pelicans, they had never experienced a 'cooler' Christmas week in the last 5 years. Indeed, last week was bearable even for my standards. Everyone was prepared for this: 

But we had strong lukewarm wind instead. I peered through the water from the jetty and observed virtually no fishes or crabs in sight. It was generally accepted that the Blue Swimmers would advance towards the shores during the hottest period of Summer, which was a little off tune for Christmas week this year. The optimistic fools were smiling but I wasn't taking anything for granted. We are likely to have a mother of all heat waves that last more than 7 consecutive days in the second week of January to make up for that 'loss' last week.

The boss agreed it was the weather and told me how rough it was out in the sea last week. His buddy and him had a hard time and it showed up on our return to work after the break. Having next to nothing after all those hard work was hard enough, without taking into account they had crates load of catch last year. He also commented they were getting old and it was a lot more physically straining to get the boat out to sea in the shallow Peel region. I wondered for a while when the boss would call it a day at work. It might not be as far in the future. I should be prepared for a big transition again, looking for jobs and such or even selling fried noodles or something somewhere.

Anyway, you might be interested in Woodman Point, where we hung out during the crabbing outing.

Woodman Point, a place for everyone

Haven for boys

A quiet spot for men

A peaceful moment for mothers

A space for lovers

Opportunities for Pelicans

and little boys who gets a kick chasing them

"We will be back, always"

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