Singapore Lady Looking for Subiaco Rental

Hi there ,

I chanced upon your blog while googling information on migrating to perth.
So happy for you and your family and you guys are also happy living in perth .
Well , my husband and u got our Australia pr In jan this year and we just flew in to activate it last month.

We did a little survey on housing , food prices , perth cbd area etc etc ..

We love subiaco area and we are looking to rent a little apartment or house there .

My husband will go over while searching for a suitable place then I'll go over later .

Do you have contacts for housing in subiaco area or do you any ex Singaporean/Malaysian that are willing to rent us a room for the 1st one or two months while we find a place ?

Thank you very much !!

Hi Michelle,

Nice. Subiaco is basically the Outram Park of Perth. The cause or effect (or both) of me being a pissed poor peasant is that I naturally surround myself with peers of similar statuses. Much as I wanted to help, I do not know anyone living in Subiaco. I'll put this post out and see if there is any remote chance an ex-Singaporean/Malaysian with a rental place in Subiaco on hand.

If you are looking for a temporary rental place in suburbs further from Perth City (say >20km), I may be able to pass you some links of my personal friends who may be are willing to house (and even feed you if you are lucky) so for a month or two. You can drive my spare 1998 Silver Daihatsu Pyzar to Subiaco if you fancy the prospect. May not be as good as that modified Black Vios my friend Yoda is driving but it'll still do the job.

Enjoy your Perth holiday


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  1. A bit hard to get to your destination when the car you drive don't have the mmm psssssst sound when you change gear leh