35 Months of Perth

Point Walter

Everyone dies in the end. The goal in life, mootable. Being a master of your destiny is near impossible, yet there are very few goals in life worthier to pursue. To be a man of your own is a constant discovery about syncing with our inner voice so as to develop the confidence to trust your judgement to the nth degree. Only then your true sight can cut beyond the flood of propaganda and stereotyping that engulf us on everyday basis and to see in clarity between what you want to know and what others want you to know.

If you are serious about attempting migration, such an attitude must be cultivated to leet level. For this is the foremost and utmost quality you will need to carry yourself through from pre-migration to post-migration stages. For a start, you will need to differentiate between fears and reality, hearsay and facts, spite and concern among a glut of conflicting emotions that will overwhelm your lofty decision.

Regardless of where you are going or how much money you are taking, you will find yourself starting out as if you are a level one noob in computer game. From there, it doesn't matter what or who you were in your previous world, for you are nothingness in your new reality where only one rule applies - be good or perish. In such an environment, it is common to end up in bouts of self doubt, especially when expectations are not met. You will soon discover that the little flame in your inner voice is your only ally to lead you through darkness.

Letting yourself into a situation where you have no option but to survive and later thrive is an eye opening experience. For there is nothing more interesting then to observe how you may defeat your inner ghosts by doing what you think you cannot do. This may sound narcissist but do not forget the journey of life is ultimately about yourself. Thus learn to love yourself first before you attempt to love the others. A good start is to be more forgiving to yourself and not subjecting yourself to peer pressure and expectations of the society in general by giving yourself softer goals to achieve. Believe me, even in the new land, you'll get the same questions about your choice of employment, abode or transportation tool. You'll do yourself a big favour by focusing on your goals instead of keeping up with the Joneses.

Migration should never be about the hate about place you are leaving. Hate may be a strong source of energy but it will not outlast your fears. Neither should it be about the glitters of the promised land, as these will be nothing but meaningless material entities that will serve little to sooth a reluctant soul. From my observations about the Singaporeans I met in Perth, you'll probably do much better with love. The love of their family give men immeasurable strength to grit on. The love of discovery and lead many to untold adventures. The love of yourself and the decision to be a master of your own destiny shall take your as far as you will, when you will.

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