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20 Jul 2014

Hi Nix, I hope this email finds you well.
My name is L S, a humble homemaker to a small family unit.
I have been reading your blog for about 3 months now. I beg your pardon if I sound to be frank and open with my first email to you.
I chanced upon your blog while randomly researching for resources.  You see, I woke up one day and realised that there must be a possibility and began seriously considering migrating.
After all, half of my cousins who are born in the 70's have landed themselves and their families in other parts of the world already. They are still where they are now. In fact one just landed themselves in Melbourne.  Why are we still here? (I subscribe to what works and not; and not what's right or wrong, in this scenario)
So I began planting the thoughts in my hubby's brain. It's coming 4 months now and I can safely say that we are not  on the same
wavelength/pace,etc. But there is one thing we share in common; we don't know where to start... And we both have varied and different concerns.  It's not that he disagrees with the possibility. It is obvious that he has less time to think about this issue, with work, business travels, golf cum coaching my son golf. I can count with my fingers how many times I've initiated the topic.
We have approached an agent who is confident but we have yet to sign the dotted line.
I enjoy your candid sharing. I salute you and your wife for your courage. I have taken in some of what you have written, so, in reality, we don't know where, which area of our lives should we examine, to begin with. Job availability, education..
You see, everyone has a different life story/experience/priorities.. My hubby finds it very risky abandoning his bank job. We have no immediate relatives in Australia; we completed our tertiary education in the states, I can go on.
So why am I writing to you? I was wondering how and where I can get connected to those in our shoes. Share and exchange information. I trust in all natural processes, and I trust we still have time, (Bearing in mind the volatility of immigration laws). I see the opportunity now..

If so, may I share with you more about what's going on here at my end; and in so doing, you may share some wise words for me too.

Warmest regards,
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Hi L S,

When I first started and was feeling absolutely lost like anyone would, I chanced upon this thread in a forum and have been hanging around ever since though I am not one of the prominent contributors in the thread. Through the years, traces of my journey had been left there starting from the day I inquired about migration to making the application and eventually leaving Singapore, receiving well wishes from strangers I communicated with over a couple of years. The thread is still going today.

Personally, I do not know many people who are in your shoes. Perhaps ABlessedSingaporean would be one who qualifies to migrate but have since changed his mind about it after some careful weighing of the pros n' cons. He seems to have deleted his blog so I am not sure if he wants to link up with you to discuss why it isn't a good idea to migrate to Australia. Like your husband, he has a great career in Singapore so there is a lot at stake to give up for fresh air. As such, one wise advice I can give to you is that when a man is rolling, don't stop him in the tracks and risk being run over. Since your husband is doing so well in his career and capable of giving a good life to the family, there is no need to migrate elsewhere unless there is a strong underlying reason, such as nursing an illness - in which in my opinion Australia will be a much better place to do so. Another reason could be nurturing a specific talent of your child that isn't well supported in Singapore, such as playing golf remarkably well.

The wisdom in this may not be obvious to you but trust me, that's the most honest advice you'll get from any Singaporean living in Australia. I've seen real life examples of disgruntled men who just couldn't settle because they could not find a job that they felt compatible with their calibre. Then I've seen men here who are overjoyed by just driving a truck as a living. You know your man the best. I believe you understand where I am coming from. Hope it will help you make your final decision.



  1. Sounds like L S is having a mid life crisis.

    If it goes full blown I do not see it ending well.

  2. LS, If I were you I would stay back and be contented as your hubby is doing well in the banking industry.

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    1. Spot on, mate. I want to add-on, would your hubby willing to take odd job while looking for his job? If your husband can earn more than 100K per annum in Singapore then it's much better off to stay put. You would not get this pay in his first job in Australia or even 2nd or 3rd job.

    2. I got my PR visa despite one of my IELTS was 6.5, IELTS requirement then was min 6 for my skill occupation, it has since increased to min 7, I was fortunate enough to catch the last train, migration is only going to get harder and tougher.

  4. LS, stay put in SG as per A Blessed Singaporean's advice. I have been there done that, and am now moving back to SG because of my husband's career taking off in Asia. For my case, it maybe a little different as I have my immediate family here in Australia. Whereas, my husband doesn't. In addition, he graduated from the US and he was cruising along fine in his career in SG. But, I interrupted it with my plan to return to Australia simply because I wanted to raise a young family here, less stress more family time, etc. my husband gave up his career and moved over with me but he was miserable for the last several years. Finally, I gave him my blessings for him to return to the place where he could spread his wings and go far in his career.