10 Realities of Migration Fear

Based on a true story, my personal journey.

You fear not of being unfairly treated.
You fear to discover that you are unable to stand up for yourself

You fear not of being unable to find a job
You fear the difficulty of finding one that befit your ego

You fear not of letting go of your past achievements
You fear facing the reality that they are gone

You fear not to start all over again
You fear of falling the same way as you did once

You fear not of meeting strange new people
You fear their rejection

You fear not of living worse off than before
You fear of what the others think

You fear not of embracing new culture
You fear your resistance to change

You fear not of the lack of income
You fear the trials to get one

You fear not of failing
You fear of standing up again

You fear not what you know
You fear what you don't

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  1. Could it be that the way about Racism is not really “stand up for yourself” or oneself, but the reality of getting the many in numbers to do the same for 'themselves'?

    “………The state executive will have trouble getting involved in this one because ….. have got the numbers out there,” a government MP said.”