Activities for Feb

They sent us a booklet informing us there are 41 activities for us to participate in February and March. Pretty fulfilling if you really dive into it. Boring, boring Perth?

Since the weather is pretty good this Summer, perhaps we should do it a little differently than the past few Summers. Instead of hiding inside our caves, it is worth considering crawling out to dance in the sunshine a little. No, I can't do 41 activities. In fact, more like half of them are simply not for me. I will rather watch my Aloe Vera grow than to join in. Obviously I am not going to post all 41 activities here. I've shortlisted some "maybe"s  here for Jenny's benefit. Perhaps we can pick 1-2 to try out.

Jenny must attend this

OK, I think I'll like this one but since we have already know how to make jams, I may be too lazy to attend this one. We'll see

Hmm. Delicious supper. Wonder if Albany can make it past the 5.5km 

I've learnt to build my raft during OBS. Flying fox sounds pretty good to me. After all, Bickley Reservoir is much nicer than Bedok Reservoir.

Let's go and check it out if Aussies Taichi Masters is anywhere as good as the Legendary Singaporean ones

Sounds good to me

Jen's working on Weds. Can't make it, unfortunately.

Albany is not the active kind of kid. Still I'd like to watch her play sports for the first time

I'll like to go but there is no way I'll survive Albany over 10km

This is a go

Hmm..... perhaps not for a 3 year old

Need a baby sitter

Are you kidding me? Nobody works on Tuesdays?!

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