Why Would Anyone Wish to Leave a Great Country like Singapore?

I struggle to believe that anyone would wish to leave Singapore for Australia or anywhere. First class education, same goes for health, excellent Universities, lower crime rate, no graffiti, a beautiful clean modern and green City, people friendly and great weather. Admittedly house prices are a concern but you do have a system that ensures people can own their own property if they plan well from their youth. I'd live there in a heart-beat if I were allowed to. Don't emigrate, be proud of a great country.

I struggle to believe that anyone would wish to leave Singapore for Australia or anywhere.

According to ST [link], there were 200,000 Singaporeans living abroad in 2012. The number is definitely higher in 2015 and will continue to rise. Though it is hard to believe, Singaporeans wishing to leave Singapore to work or live elsewhere is reality. Why? Especially when we have:

First class education,

First class health system,

Excellent universities,

Lower crime rate,

No graffiti,

A beautiful clean modern and green city.

Friendly people and great weather,

Admittedly, you almost got me until I came to these, especially great weather. Hehe. Not when I am enjoying 10ish degree Celsius nights for 3/4 of the year where I am residing at. You probably meant that Singapore is relatively natural disaster free. I'll give you that for sure. Unnatural disasters such as once in a 50 year pondings didn't count.

Don't get me wrong. Despite living overseas, I am still a proud Singaporean holding a red passport. This blog is called A Singaporean in Australia and not An Australian Wannabe for a reason. I agree that Singapore is a great country on all counts. No country can be perfect but at least once upon a time, Singaporeans tried making their country as close to perfection as possible. We ended up with a great city state that we could be proud of.

However migration is a personal choice. Very often, the decision making process does not only revolve around the greatness of their home country but also their personal needs. Think of it from an ecological point of view. A cactus will simply not flourish even in the greatest mangrove swamp in the world. It's as simple as that. At times, personal needs are far beyond bread and butter matters such as good education, housing or jobs. A minority of the people may find it enthralling to stroll large open spaces without any human being in sight. Or playing music instruments on the street without being arrested. Like I said, it's a minority, thus explains why only 1 in 10 Singaporeans choose to migrate.

It's just personal preferences and nothing to do with our great motherland.


  1. I asked myself the same question when I was there in October.


  2. Where did you get the post from?

  3. I left Singapore because I wanted to see and experience the lifestyle outside Singapore. That's a great chance for me to do comparison between Singapore and other countries in terms of job opportunities, cost of living and convenience, personal safety, house affordability and education system. Again, this is subject to my personal circumstances and may not apply to other families. Some people like to find fault of the country not matter there's a good or bad news.